Dhar Mann Cast – Dhar Mann is a united states tycoon and film producer. He is best known for his video manufacturing company, and He produced a web series recently, the name of the web series  created in Dhar Mann Studios, which makes short films for social media stages such as YouTube. Dhar Mann Cast is something that has topped the search recently. Scroll through the article given below to know. Dhar Mann presents you with small-budget short films portraying the problems within modern society.


Dhar MannKatherine NorlandRiki Yvette Westmoreland

About Dhar Mann Cast

Television mini-series about changed real-life issues and how to familiarize them responsibly. The show first premiered in December 2018.


Since the show’s formation in Dec 2018, it has aired over 237 episodes.

dhar mann actors

Dhar Mann Cast top Episodes are:


Sick Grandma Takes Spoiled Teen’s Bedroom, What Teen Does next will Break your Hart


Teen Starts Selling Drugs To School. He Lives To Regret It

Dhar Mann Cast

Dhar Mann Cast studio

Cast Character
Dhar Mann Sellf
Katherine Norland Mom
Riki Yvette Westmoreland Mother
Colin A. Borden Dad
Shauntè Massard Mother
Vinn Sander Friend/Boyfriend
Mair Mulroney Girlfriend/Room mate
Carl Judie Homeless Man
Ayden Mekus Son
Sofia Chicorelli Serna Daughter
Jovanna Vidal Mom/Girlfriend
Brianni Walker Daughter
Chas Laughlin Chad/Employee/Room mate
Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson Grandmother
Nick Sarando Boss
Carlos R. Chavez Boyfriend/ Friend/Employee
Angelee Vera Daughter

Dhar Mann actors

Dhar Mann is a smart media star running multiple businesses and has earned huge success at the start star of his future.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and one of the narrators with the highest-viewed motivation content creators. His Content primarily consists of motivational, inspiring, educational, and inspiring self-improvement videos about life relations and professionalism.

How much do Dhar Mann actors get paid?

$45,722/yr is the allowance.

Dhar Mann Actors – Dhar Mann Cast

Sofia Chicorelli Serna

Sofia Chicorelli Serna, also famous as Psycho Mantis, is a well-known American child actress and YouTuber. She is well known for featuring in a 2018 American action war, like Game Therapy. Likewise, Sofia has been in focus recently due to her role in an Amazon mini-TV series Dhar Mann.

Brianni Walker

She is a 15-year-old actress, a rapper, a model, and an Anti-bully advocate. She was born on Jan 3, 2007. And 2 times Jr, and she won Oscar and Young Entainers awards, winner

Charlotte Pulley

Charlotte Pulley is a 15 years old actress she also an artist who resides in Southern California. She is a high school student

Devon Weekly

He is a 17-year-old actor known for Guess Clue, Piper Rockelle, and Two Minutes.

Ayden Mekus

He is a 16 years old young actor born in northern California. He started acting in the lilac theif with Kristin Glover and chocolate Chip Cookie with Lingyu Meng.

Dhar Mann Wife

Dhar Mann wife

[Dhar Mann Studios]

Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann Studios don’t just make Content for its good of creating Content. All of our Content is evocative, intentional, and kid-friendly. Daily, Dhar Mann and his team work hard to encourage strong family values such as love, kindness, mercy, and helping others. They struggle to find that perfect balance between acting and education so that our videos can be exciting and impactful for adults and children.

Dhar Mann Studios produces Content for a Cause

Dhar Mann and his creative team love getting feedback from their amazing community on how our Content has changed their lives. While grateful for such testimonials, they realize that much can be done.

They go beyond content creation to help nonprofits, charities, and underserved communities with real-world resources. In addition to Dhar’s personal donations, they have created several fundraising videos to help support these groups.

Where are Dhar Mann Studios located?

Studios is based in sunny Southern California near Burbank Airport. Their 50,000 square foot space houses our production sets, including a school, restaurant, hospital, courthouse, airplane, and more!

Dhar Mann Videos

Although they only started in 2018, we already have an incredible team of over 50 people, including writers, producers, directors, filmmakers, editors, and more. The entire team goes through a thorough multi-round interview process to ensure they have the good family values we preach.

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Dhar Mann Studios’ salaries

Average Salaries at Dhar Mann Studios

Arts & Entertainment

Producer:                       $40.00 per hour

Production Designer:   $27.39 per hour

Administrative Assistance:

Receptionist:                  $17.44 per hour

Production Assistant:    $20.21 per hour


Merchandise Manager: $37.42 per hour

Overnight Associate:      $23.40 per hour

Dhar Mann Cast Salary

Top Earners        $104,000              $8,666

75th Percentile $39,500                 $3,291

Average               $55,498                 $4,624

25th Percentile $25,000                 $2,083

Dhar Mann Actors with Reel Viral Actors

Dhar Mann

Ayden Mekus

Cole LaBrant

Alan Stokes

Alex Stokes

Brianni Walker

Shaun Dixon

Sofia Chicorelli Serna

Dhar Mann Cast FAQs

Who is the lady from Dhar Mann?

Katherine Norland • Instagram photos and videos.

Who plays Allison day in Dhar Mann?

Kali Jane plays Allison day in Dhar Mann

How old is Dhar Mann?

He is 38 years old.

What is it like to work for Dhar Mann?

Their organization and communication truly make a difference! Working with Dhar Mann Cast Studios is rewarding

Dhar Mann Studios produces Content for a Cause

One thing Dhar Mann and Dhar Mann Cast love to see is feedback from their amazing community saying how our Content has changed their lives. While grateful for such testimonials, they realize that much can be done.

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