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What is Blogspot?

One of the platforms most frequently used by beginners in creating web content is Blogger, which enables you to create blogs.

Blogger blogs are typically hosted on a subdomain by Google itself. 100 blogs can be created for each Google account.

All blogs could initially be published on a variety of alternative hosting providers. Still, eventually, they were moved to Google’s servers, allowing authors to utilise the Blogspot extension and the domain they had registered. You can therefore build free blogs owned by Google through Blogger on any subject you like.

That is to say, you may build anything from a personal blog where you can discuss various topics to a corporate blog where you can post articles that discuss the industry in which your business operates.

Blogger’s popularity has been rising. And how about figuring out where it came from to clarify it?

What Are The Advantages Of Blogspot?


It is one of the platform’s benefits; anyone can start a blog without paying anything to host it. In addition, the system offers a free domain; if the user wants to acquire his domain, he only has to pay an annuity.


The platform offers many free templates over the internet so that the user can choose the one most appealing to him. To do this, download it from sites like Deluxe templates and install it on the blog.


The platform makes backups, but the system allows the blogger to make copies of his data whenever he wants to keep his information safe.

Integration With Other Tools

The system displays a control panel, which allows integration with Google AdSense and Analitycs. In this way, the user can create an account in one of these tools or integrate the blog into an existing one.

By doing this, the blogger can track daily and monthly clicks and analyze their earnings, in addition to other statistics.


The system allows adding various widgets, making life easier for the user and visitors. Among them are: sharing on social networks, subscribing to the newsletter, leaving comments, latest posts, etc.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blogspot?

Like any system, Blogspot has its limitations. Let’s get to know some of them:

Hosting With Restriction

Although it is possible to insert images and videos on the platform, some files – such as PDFs – cannot be hosted.

Organization Of Articles

The user cannot organize his content by category except through tags. In this case, the tags classify the types of content.

Such a limitation does not facilitate the blog’s appearance and, consequently, fails to offer a good experience for the visitor.

Static Pages

Blogspot allows a limited number of static pages — content that doesn’t allow interaction with readers. Unfortunately, some blogs dedicated to specific areas often use this page type, so the platform does not benefit these users.

Edit Comments

Another function that does not exist in Blogspot is editing comments. Therefore, if your page receives a message, you cannot edit, approve or remove it.

Optimization For Search Engines

Although Google owns Blogspot, the system does not have an efficient search engine optimization policy. They are starting with the URLs of the pages, which do not facilitate their transparency to search engines.

Include Server And Domain Safety Information

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