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Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu KM 19 South Jakarta

Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12072

Phone : (021) 79194075

Fax : (021) 7980655, 7949770

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http __dukcapil.kemendagri.go.id_cek

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    1. Dukcapil Encourages Optimization of Data Integration with BPJS Care and PCare to Succeed Vaccination
    2. Two Years of White Paper Revolution, Dukcapil Saves IDR 900 Billion and Residents Can Print Independent Documents
    3. The Myriad Benefits of Digitizing Adminduk Services with Electronic Signatures
    4. Dukcapil Ministry of Home Affairs is Ready to Help the Philippines Develop Administrative Services
    5. Lembaga Pengguna Data Dukcapil Wajib Mengacu ISO 27001
    6. Dirjen Zudan: Inovasi Dukcapil Sesuai Arahan Presiden Jokowi Menuju Peradaban Baru Indonesia
    7. Semangat Transformasi Dukcapil Tak Pernah Padam, KIA dijadikan Kartu Insentif Untuk Anak
    8. Dukcapil Kemendagri Diskusi Intensif Cybersecurity dan Digital ID dengan Cybernetica Estonia
    9. Dirjen Dukcapil: Ayo Urus Dokumen Kependudukan, Online atau Offline Syaratnya Mudah
    10. Surat Keterangan Dilarang, Blangko KTP-el di Bulan November Masih Tersedia Cukup
    11. Dukcapil Kemendagri Penuhi Hak Adminduk Disabilitas
    12. Presidential Decree No. 83 of 2021: Resident Registration Numbers Must Be Used for Public Services
    13. Dukcapil Komitmen Beri Banyak Kemudahan Masyarakat Urus Adminduk
    14. Dorong Masyarakat Urus Dokumen Adminduk, Dukcapil Segera Terbitkan Panduan Pencatatan Sipil
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    3. http // kk online jawa barat
    4. http // kk online jakarta


Disdukcapil Kabupaten/Kota – http // kk online

Disdukcapil Kabupaten/Kota is site you can Types of Population Administration and Civil Registration Services and you can also demo application for sample of dukcapil online services. one of the innovations of face substitute services is that applicants or residents can manage documents from home and print independently.

Requirements in 1 Family Card, Must Be at the Same Address

One of the essential points if you want to be on 1 Family Card (KK) is to be at the same address. It was explained by the general manager of Dukcapil Zudan Arif Fakrulloh on his TikTok @zudanariffakrulloh while answering questions from Internet users.

The question came from the @pandaaakkk account, whose e-KTP was different from her husband’s, and she wanted to take care of being on the same family map.

“Sir, I want to ask, for example, my husband is in Banten, and I am in Papua. How should I do the KK, sir? Does it have to be in an area? How do you handle this, sir?” she wrote to him in detail.

Zudan immediately replied that many cases of husband and wife living apart. However, one way to form husband and wife in 1 KK is to be in the same direction.

Dukcapil Encourages Optimization of Data Integration with BPJS Care and PCare to Succeed Vaccination

Jakarta – Home Minister Muhammad Tito Karnavian commissioned Dukcapil CEO Zudan Arif Fakrulloh to provide full support for Pedulilindungi, PCare application, and NIK data integration for welfare distribution to make it more targeted.

Director General Zudan acted quickly to carry out the mandate of Minister of the Interior Tito Karnavian to the best of his ability. According to Zudan, in the vaccination process, there is a sizeable Pedlindungi platform and various applications such as New All Record (NAR) and Smartchecking, which the Ministry of Health and PCare manages by BPJS Health.

Surat Keterangan Dilarang, Blangko KTP-el di Bulan November Masih Tersedia Cukup

The Director Over-all of Dukcapil at the Ministry of Home Matters, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, confirmed that before October 31, 2022, 1,088,038 e-KTP forms were available in the regions, and 532,000 blanks were still available in the central office warehouse on Sunday. Zudan issued this declaration when he opened the 41st Dukcapil Learning event with the theme “Updating the ASN Data for the Provincial and Regency/City Dukcapil Services” on Friday (4/11/2022).

“So we don’t have the potential for vacancies for e-KTP blanks this November,” said Zudan.

Zudan said that the average monthly use of blank e-ID cards is from 1 million to 1.5 million pieces. With the stock still abundant, Zudan gave a warning not to issue a Certificate (Suket) in lieu of an e-KTP.

Presidential Decree No. 83 of 2021: NIK must be used for public services

Director Over-all of Dukcapil, Ministry of Home Affairs, Prof. Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, urges the public to get used to memorizing the Population Identification Number or NIK. At present, said CEO Sudan, the Indonesian government is entering the era of single data, with NIK as its foundation. Your request will be made to all public services, so in the future, you will use the NIK as an access key in public services.

“This is a step we designed for everyone to start caring about the unique identity number. The unique identity number translates to NIK, an impressive number created once and valid for life, ” Professor Zudan said. Journalists in Jakarta

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 Keren, MTQ Korpri Pelopor Musabaqah Khath Digital

http __dukcapil.kemendagri.go.

The competition of the Khath branch in the National MTQ VI Korpri is spectacular. SMA 1 Padang Sports Stadium has transformed into a competition stadium.

The participants’ works are carefully arranged around the room like an orchestra that pampers the eye with a cradle of color, light, rhythm, line, and aesthetics. Like a world-class painting exhibition.

The seeing eyes grow cold, the soul calms down, and perhaps even the heart stops for a moment. The rows of divine words painted on canvas and combined with the landscape of the expanding universe seem to see a portrait of heaven falling to earth.

This is the picture of the atmosphere of the Khath branch at this year’s MTQ VI Korpri event, which is an event to showcase Indonesian ASN creativity that takes place every two years.

Dukcapil Balikpapan – http// kk online

Family card Requirements

New Family Card (Just Married)

  • Upload KK from the husband’s side
  • Upload KK from the wife
  • Upload a Marriage Book or Marriage Certificate
  • Fill out the form on the application

Separated Family Card due to Divorce

  • Upload Family Card
  • Upload the Deed/Certificate of Divorce
  • Fill out the form on the application