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Ibomma Telugu Movies 2022

Ibomma Telugu 2022 Pushpa


Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1:A wonderfully picturized movie of action, drama, and thriller crime film directed by Sukumar.

Story Of Pushpa Full Movie

The narrative centers on Pushpa, a labourer who struggles to make ends meet while working as a red sandal smuggler. However, because he is his father’s illegitimate child, his stepbrothers always treat him poorly. One day, he can operate as a smuggler, transporting red sanders from a deep forest to other nations. DSP Govindappa has been spying on the labourers constantly, but Pushpa Raj rebels and causes issues for the DSP. Pushpa Raj then successfully manages the smuggling operation while out of DSP’s line of sight, which is worth millions of rupees and makes him popular among the Reddy brothers (Konda Reddy, Jakka Reddy, and Jolly Reddy); these are well-known red sand traffickers.

Pushpa then controls smuggling by employing various cunning techniques, thwarts DSP and his team’s investigations, and develops a close relationship with Konda Reddy. He then begins to alter his way of life and decides to wed the lovely Srivalli, but the marriage will be annulled due to his stepbrother’s admission of the truth.

Pushpa Impossible

When Konda Reddy requests an increase, Pushpa chooses to stop Mangalam Seenu, a syndicate member who has contributed less than the original share. Konda Reddy then requests Pushpa to resolve the dispute wisely. However, the bold and swashbuckling Pushpa now chooses to take matters into his own hands and expand his dominance, which is easily seen in the film.

In addition to the action in this film, the songs and line delivery it also contributed to its success.

Enjoy Pushpa and wait for the upcoming fantastic part 2, a visual treat for all Pushpa fans.

Ibomma Telugu 2022 Bangarraju Full Movie:

Ibomma Telugu 2022 Bangarraju Full Movie

A pleasant theme permeates the entirety of the drama and comedy flick Bangarraju. This film’s success is not just due to the narration and songs. It is a follow-up to “Soggade Chinni Nayana.”

In this film, Chinna Bangarraju carries on his grandfather Bangarraju’s unique skill for flirting with any girl who enters the town. The narrator depicts the Hindu as a village girl who wants to be the next sarpanch because her father is the current sarpanch of the village. His grandmother worries a lot and doesn’t want to leave him alone. She wants to marry him off to a girl. The deceased couple is reunited in heaven and asks God for permission to help their grandson on earth. Many events will occur between the hero and heroine, and the story will conclude with their joyous reunion. This narrative bears striking similarities to the Soggade Chinni Nayana.

Ibomma Telugu 2022 Akhanda:

Ibomma Telugu 2022 Akhanda

In the South Indian Telugu film business, Akhanda is one of the biggest hits. Boyapati Srinu, the director of this action-drama film, directed it. It’s worth viewing one of the best films.

Balkrishna, a great actor, portrayed two roles in this film that were very well received by his admirers and caught the audience’s attention.

The film describes the twins who were born on a rainy night and who have a role to play in the cosmos. The fundamental conflict of the narrative revolves around how two children, one of whom has grown up in Kasi as a saint and the other who will grow up in a farmer’s home, will meet and battle for what is good. This film is fantastically adventurous and dashing, with substantial supporting cast members who deliver the lines purposefully and give the villains a lesson. Additionally, it is worth seeing the film.

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