Kathputli is remake of which movie Ratsasan Tamil movie. Kathputli is a Hindi movie, and Akshay Kumar plays a leading role. In ratsasan Vishnu Vishal playing main role. It’s a thriller and a good message movie.

What is the Message Story Giving to the Audience

this movie gives a good message for children’s mentality. Because of nowadays, it’s a big issue going on in society. Raising children has become a challenge for parents.

It has become very difficult to understand the mentality of children. Apart from this, the movie also focuses on what kind of problems children face in society due to the defects in the children.

Ratsasan Movie Story

2018 saw the release of the Tamil psychological thriller movie Ratsasan. As far as I know, the movie hasn’t been officially remade in Telugu since September 2021. As a result, I cannot provide you with the “Ratsasan” narrative in Telugu. I can, however, give you a quick synopsis of the Tamil version.

The protagonist of “Ratsasan” is Arun Kumar, an aspiring filmmaker interested in criminology. When Arun gets unsettling phone calls from an enigmatic person, his life turns bad. He discovers a string of horrific murders by a crazy serial killer due to these phone calls.

Ratsasan Movie Story

Arun gets involved in the inquiry because he is fascinated by crime and wants to find the culprit. He learns that the murderer’s method of choice is to target young schoolgirls. Arun learns that the murderer’s atrocities are motivated by a deep-seated personal reason as he approaches the truth.

Arun encounters numerous obstacles and perils throughout the movie, but he never wavers in his resolve to find the murderer and put him to justice. The narrative is suspenseful and compelling due to the film’s exploration of the psychological characteristics of both the protagonist and the adversary.

Please be aware that if a Telugu version of “Ratsasan” has been released after the time limit, to my knowledge, the tale may be different from the Tamil original.


Ratsasan Movie Reviews

The reviews for “Ratsasan” have been excellent by critics and viewers. Here is an overview of the general opinion:

Gripping and intense: The movie has received accolades for its compelling plot and narration. With the ideal balance of tension, thriller elements, and psychological twists, it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time.

Strong Performances:

The actors in “Ratsasan” have received a lot of praise for their work. Arun Kumar’s principal actor, Vishnu Vishal, performs well, skillfully capturing his character’s emotional and psychological problems. Actress Amala Paul, who has a crucial part, is also commended for her abilities.

Well-Written Thriller: The movie is praised for its clever screenplay, exciting story, and seamless production. It surprises the audience with unexpected twists and turns and keeps them guessing. The suspenseful environment and engaging plot enhance the whole impression.

Technical Mastery:

The film’s technical elements, including cinematography, editing, and background music, have received great praise. The ambient images heighten the drama and mood of the movie. The real impact is enhanced, and the background score successfully increases the suspense.

Gritty and Realistic

“Ratsasan” is frequently lauded for its representation of criminality that is both psychologically complex and true to life. It tackles the protagonist’s psychological anguish and dives into the serial killer’s head. The movie’s grimy, melancholy vibe increases its genuineness.

In general, “Ratsasan” is regarded as one of Tamil’s best psychological suspense films. It is a favorite of both viewers and critics due to its captivating plot, great acting, and technical mastery.



Ratsasan Hindi remake movie name is Kathputli. Akshay Kumar and rakul preeth play the main role in this kathputli. It is a remake of Ratsasan.

Kathputli Release Date

Septeber, 2, 2022

Kathputli Cast

Akshay Kumar         –        Arjan Sethi

Rakul Preet Singh    –       Divya

Sargun Mehta         –        SHO Gudiya Parmar

Chandrachur Singh –        Narinder Singh

Gurpreet Ghuggi     –        Head Const. Mahinder Guleria

Sujith Shanker         –        Purushottam Tomar

Hrishitaa Bhatt        –        Seema Singh

Shahid Latief            –        SI Ravichand Machchan

Renaye Tejani           –        Payal Singh

Storyline of Kathputli

It tells the tale of a police officer’s pursuit of a serial killer. Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar) is a devoted researcher who wants to develop a movie about serial killers. In Chandigarh, he approaches several Punjabi filmmakers. However, they unanimously reject his proposal and tell him to create a comedy instead. He then travels to Kasauli to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with his niece Payal (Renaye Tejani), brother-in-law Narinder Singh (Chandrachur Singh), and sister Seema (Hrishitaa Bhatt). Arjan is urged to give up his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker and join the police force by Narinder, a cop.

Later, he advances to the rank of Sub-Inspector and joins a police station where Gudiya Parmar (Sargun Mehta), the SHO, works. A few days later, the police are informed that Amrita Rana, a schoolgirl played by Saina Anarose, has vanished. Presumably from outside her home, she took her. The murderer leaves a gift box with a doll’s severed head inside. Arjan notices that the doll’s head is disfigured, like how Samiksha Bharti’s face was disfigured. This girl’s body was discovered in Parwanoo, and Arjan had, out of habit, acquired information about her. He informs SHO Parmar that the Parwanoo schoolgirl killer has abducted Amrita. Parmar rejects his hypothesis.

Kathputli Akshay Kumar

maintains the pace and excitement throughout, staying true to what a suspense thriller should be. After not having the best of luck with his previous three films, Akshay Kumar makes a strong comeback with a family-friendly movie that serves as a timely reminder of his skills in author-backed roles. The technical aspects boost the narrative, with the setting and camerawork helping to create the perfect mood, and the editing keeps you engaged as a viewer.

Ratsasan, a cult classic in Tamil, was adapted into Kathputli, and this is how an adaptation should capture the spirit of the source material while taking its own unique turn. Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachur Singh, and Sargun Mehta perform strongly for the camera, giving Akshay the support he needs.


Kathputli is remake of which movie, “Ratsasan,” is regarded as one of the best psychological suspense films produced in Tamil. It is a favorite of both viewers and critics due to its captivating plot, great acting, and technical mastery.