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Movierulz Telugu is a website that allows people to watch and download free Telugu films. has every Telugu movie available. This website offers any movie now showing in theatres or streaming on other OTT services. This website is available for any Telugu movie, including recent releases such as Das ki dhamki, Oh my darling, khabja, Rangamarthanda, and Asalu, as well as tv shows such as web series that are now streaming on OTT platforms. It website also streams theatre content for movies now playing in theatres. Not only do these exist on the website, but so do previous films.

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Movierulz com is a website that lets people watch films and TV series online and download them without paying any money. However, it is crucial to remember that using websites like this is prohibited and may result in legal repercussions because it is an unauthorized website that breaks copyright laws. Therefore, it is always advised to utilize secure and legal alternatives when streaming and downloading films and TV shows. But even if it could have a few glitches, this website is incredibly helpful for anyone who cannot afford to pay for authentic websites.


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Love Today is a low-budget superhit film from the South Indian cinema industry. It is a multilingual language available in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. It s is a comic, romantic, and dramatic piece. Pradeep Ranganathan, who plays the hero in the film, wrote, directed, and performed in it. As everyone has lived in their characters, this has received widespread acclaim and numerous prizes.

Love Today is a story about two young people, and in order to get permission from their parents, they will go to talk with the heroine’s father, and he had an idea of exchanging the phones of both hero and heroine, and if they survive like this, they will get a chance to marry each other. The story becomes very funny as both pass through many obstacles. Finally, the hero saves the heroine from a morphing picture of the heroine by showing that it is not her there by concluding the story with happiness as both reconcile.

The film is absolutely enjoyable to see, and it is well worth seeing. The direction is excellent, and the film has done very well at the box office and has been sold for a higher price on internet sites.

Love Today Full Movie Tamil

Love Today Full Movie – Telugu

love today full movie – Hindi

Krishna Vrinda Vihari is one of the best films in the Telugu film industry. It is a romantic family entertainer with a diverse cast and beautiful songs. This film is about a hero from an orthodox household and his troubles with a regular girl in his life, as well as how he manages all of his family members and obtains approval from their parents for his marriage, as well as little and cute scenes.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari In Movierulz Telugu Download

 Krishna Vrinda Vihari Review

“Krishna Vrinda Vihari” gets off to a predictable start. Until the story’s twist is revealed, the film lacks exciting elements. However, the plot deepens before the interval, and the film shifts into fun mode. The major struggle and twist are reminiscent of Nani’s latest movie “Ante Sundaraniki.”

Nani’s and Naga Shaurya’s films began production before COVID-19 but were not released until this year. Despite the fact that “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” is a Print copy, the film has more chuckles in the second half.

Vennela Kishore contributes significantly to this story. The film’s key plot twist is related to his character, and the ‘payoff’ is wonderfully done.

The film begins on a typical note for a modern story. First and foremost, the scenes that occur in a software firm are completely unacceptable. Fighting scenes at a software firm and workers working as if in a market seem implausible.

The plot picks up when the heroine admits her dilemma, and Naga Shaurya comes up with an odd reason to marry her. The subsequent sequences were successful. The comedy is excellent. Some jokes are humorous, while others are mundane.

On the other hand, the film’s climax is far too predictable. The battles are shocking. The Atta-Kodalu drama is inappropriate. The tunes should have been more catchy.

“Krishna Vrinda Vihari” gets off to a predictable start. Until the story’s twist is revealed, the film lacks exciting elements. However, the plot deepens before the interval, and the film shifts into fun mode. The major struggle and twist are reminiscent of Nani’s latest movie “Ante Sundaraniki.”

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Box Office

The most recent Telugu rom-com “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” now needs to recoup 1.6 crore shares to be considered a clean hit. That would require it to perform exceptionally well during the week.

Given the film’s lower-than-expected dip on its debut Monday, churning out these shares may prove difficult. It was released on September 23rd to mixed reviews.

KVV will be Telugu’s 14th clean hit in 2022.

Sold the theatrical rights to Krishna Vrinda Vihari for Rs 5.20 crores globally; hence set the film’s breakeven point at Rs 5.60 crores.

It got off to a good start at the box office and held strong throughout the weekend, but a lower-than-expected weekday dip could derail its chances of becoming a smash.

Check out the day-by-day box office collection of Krishna Vrinda Vihari, featuring Naga Shaurya and Shirley Setia, around the world:


Movierulz Telugu is an unlawful website that lets users freely stream and download films and TV series. Should note that accessing such websites is illegal and may result in legal penalties. As a result, using legal and safe options for watching and downloading films and TV episodes, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or other comparable services, is always advised.

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