Set The Alarm – An alarm clock is the most used type of clock rather than the conventional clock. It is nothing, but we need to set the time we have the work, and it will remind us. Reminders and alarm clocks are primarily similar and but their use is different. Alarm clocks mostly come in use during the morning while we awake. So we set the alarm clock for the morning time that we require to wake up. Then, the alarm rings during the specified time, allowing you to wake up from sleep.

Every alarm clock has its specifications and importance. Moreover, the use of the alarm clock is to wake us from sleep. There are conventional clocks as well as alarm clocks on the mobile. Each process of setting the alarm is different from the other. The brilliant feature of the mobile alarm is that we can set the alarm tone as is necessary. We can use any tune that we love as the alarm tone.

Below Are Some Of The Methods Of Setting The Alarm On Different Devices

Conventional Method – Setting The Alarm In The Clocks

Setting the alarm in this kind of clock is very old-fashioned as we cannot see this kind of method in practice. The analogue clock from the vintage is used for setting the alarm. In this, you need to select the stationary hand on the time we need [i.e. 5-20] an alarm. The on or off button on the back comes into use. After reaching the time [5-20] on the alarm, switch on the alarm button. Finally, this helps in setting the alarm at 5-20.

Regular Mobile Methods

Digitization is increasing daily. It is replacing many conventional methods. However, it is also replacing the regular alarms. People are now using mobiles as their alarms. The devices are easy to set the alarms and are primarily in progress. The mobiles also have different brands. So, other brands have various technicalities.

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Setting The Alarm On Different Mobiles

Set The Alarm For 5-20 On The iOS Device

  • Setting the alarm on the IOS device is easy; it requires basic knowledge.
  • The first thing is to open the clock app. Then, click on the add icon, i.e. (+).
  • Now, set the time 5-20, and next comes the three options which allow you to set a repeating alarm, name your alarm, and the snooze option.
  • Finally, tap Save and the alarm is set. The other options also include selecting the tune of the alarm and the alarm’s sound.
  • Changing the sound of an alarm can be done by going into the sound and haptics option.

Set The Alarm For 5-20 On An Android Device

  • Most people in this era are using android mobiles, providing essential knowledge.
  • The primary option is to unlock the mobile and open the clock application.
  • After opening the application, go on to the alarm session; you can see the (+) icon.
  • Press the icon (+) and set the time as 5-20 a.m. or p.m., depending on the need.
  • Finally, the alarm is set, and the fine-tuning of sound to play the alarm. It sets the alarm and also the selected tune.
  • The changing of alarm is also accessible by going on to the edit option.


Ideally, you would doze as much as you need. However, each separate seems to require an average quantity of sleep to feel rested, which may vary across a lifetime, and positively is dissimilar from person to person. Setting the alarm is an easy method because it is the most common practice. Alarms are the regularly required areas of the routine. It helps us in waking up early in the morning.

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