The baker and the beauty telugu cast: The Baker and the Beauty On the streaming service Aha, “The Baker and the Beauty” in Telugu is available for viewing. It’s accessible for streaming in HD.

. The programme is a love story that centres on a relationship between a supermodel named Aira and a struggling baker named Vijju. Santhosh Shobhan and Tina Shilparaj play the main characters in the show. The programme debuted on September 10, 2021, and it is accessible on Aha.

Story OF The Baker And The Beauty

Story OF The Baker And The Beauty 

Telugu film industry leading lady Ira Vasireddy falls in love with a Bollywood hero. But after dating him for two years, she leaves him and returns to Hyderabad. At the same time, Amma (Jhansi) lives a humble existence by sketching his favourite paintings as a handyman at the supermarket, while Vijay (Santosh Shobhan) works in his father’s (Srikanth Iyengar) bakery.

When Vijay’s fiancée Maheshwari (Vishnu Priya) wants him to marry her, Vijay and Aira end up meeting by chance. When a middle-class boy finds it exciting to meet a heroine, they inevitably become good friends. Love blossoms between these two at one point in time, but what ultimately transpired? Will Vijay encounter Ira? The narrative of this web series is whether Vijay would wed Maheshwari.

The Baker And The Beauty Telugu Cast

The Baker And The Beauty Telugu Cast

  • Ira Vasireddy – Tina Shilparaj
  • Santosh Shobhan
  • Venkateshwarlu – Srikanth Iyengar
  • Padma Dasaripalle – Jhansi
  • Maheswari – Beloved of Vishnu
  • Rajiv Kumar Aneja – Gogo Katyal

In Terms of Leading Actors

The lead actors in this series, Santhosh Shobhan, Tina Shilpa Raj, and Vishnu Priya, all behaved quite genuinely. While viewing a web series, we occasionally have the impression that the characters are actually walking through our home. Santhosh Shobhan, a movie hero, has arguably outperformed everyone else with his natural performance.

Meet The Show’s Outstanding Cast.

The outstanding cast of performers in “The Baker and the Beauty”‘s Telugu version brings the characters to life with their performances. Santosh Shoban and Ritu Varma, who have won praise from critics for their performances, take on the key roles. Other significant cast members include Jia Sharma, who plays Ritu’s sister, and Priyadarshi, who plays Santosh’s best friend. Together, the cast tells a gripping and endearing tale that will capture viewers.

About Aha

The Baker and the Beauty Web Series can see only aha.

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About Aha

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A Telugu television series based on “The Baker and the Beauty” boasts a cast full of excellent performers who bring the narrative to life. Discover the faces behind this beautiful programme, from the lead actors to the supporting characters.