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Introduction  is one of the best ways to rest and relax. However, many people spend a large part of the day in this position, especially during work hours or at home watching television.

The human body will design to move frequently, so sitting more than 6 hours a day can be detrimental to your health over time.

Common problems include gaining weight quickly, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure or heart failure.

Wellhealthorganic.Com:Health-Hazards-Of-Prolonged-Sitting Problems

Circulatory Problems

When we are Wellhealthorganic.Com:Health-Hazards-Of-Prolonged-Sitting, blood vessels are compressed. With this, the blood does not circulate properly, and the oxygenation of the organs is compromised since the blood is responsible for this function in our body.

Poor circulation also makes it difficult to transport nutrients and hormones. In addition, it can cause tiredness, fatigue and even serious problems such as thrombosis, the formation of clots in the veins. To prevent these problems, practice physical activities and plan to get up and take short walks during the day.


You already know that sitting for a long time causes weight gain. In addition, those who stay in this position for hours are more likely to accumulate fat in the abdomen.

According to experts, this process favours the production of inflammatory substances that can affect the pancreas and cause a problem called insulin resistance, which can result in diabetes.

Weight Gain

Everyone knows that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the villains of weight loss. If you spend hours sitting, your body moves slowly and consumes few calories.

According to experts, spending a lot of time sitting also slows the metabolism. The result can be unwanted extra pounds and, in more extreme cases, obesity. Furthermore, if you consume high-calorie foods, such as sweets and fried foods, in addition to spending a lot of time sitting, the risk is even greater.

To soften, avoid snacking while working or watching TV, take meal breaks and choose healthy foods. And always seek to move and perform physical exercises that give you pleasure.

Back Pain

When we spend a lot of time sitting, the muscles that help stabilize the spine, such as the muscles in the abdomen and lower back, become more relaxed. Unfortunately, this puts pressure on the spine’s discs, resulting in uncomfortable back pain.

The pressure increases even more when the posture is incorrect. One tip is to alternate positions throughout the day and try to take short walks, even at the office. The use of small pillows in the lumbar region can also help.

Decreased Metabolism

Once the muscles use little, the metabolism becomes slower, starting to burn only 1 calorie per minute. IAs a result, it makes it easier to gain

Also, with the reduction of metabolism comes to a decrease in bowel movements, resulting in constipation and excessive gas production.

Kidney disease: Research indicates that sitting for a long time increases the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, especially in women.

Heart Disease

When you sit for more than 3 hours, the arteries no longer dilate; therefore, the blood has more difficulty circulating throughout the body. Due to this effect, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood; therefore, cardiovascular problems such as hbp or heart failure may arise over time.

Increased Bad Cholesterol

Lack of physical exercise reduces the production of lipase, an enzyme capable of eliminating excess bad cholesterol from the blood and other fat cells. That way, the number of cholesterol increases and the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Due to the increase in fat cells, weight gain is also typical, which can lead to cases of obesity.

Tips For Reducing – Wellhealthorganic.Com:Health-Hazards-Of-Prolonged-Sitting


Wellhealthorganic.Com:Health-Hazards-Of-Prolonged-Sitting : Move all day, every day. Remember that doing an hour of exercise a day is excellent, but it won’t compensate for the damage caused by the time you spend sitting. Frequent and varied movements during the day help counteract this damage.

Contemporary life is full of amenities. With technology, we solve almost everything via cell phone or computer, right? Maybe that’s why, at home or work, most people apply most of their day sitting down. But, unlike the supposed benefits listed above, this habit has nothing positive for health.

Spending hours and hours in a chair causes back pain, increases the chances of developing chronic diseases, impairs circulation, and promotes premature ageing, among other risk factors.

The good news is that if we can’t avoid this routine, we can mitigate or neutralize its effects with some habit changes.

In this article, learn about the main health risks for those who sit for a long time and what can be done to avoid them. ‘

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