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We frequently mistake Android for a phone or a tablet. However, this is not the case. Android is the operating system that various mobile devices utilize to function. Everything you can see and interact with on your computer screen.Before entering into the fantastic world of Android. Some features or buttons on Windows Phone and Android may differ based on the system version and device model.

Android technology is included in some of the best cameras in the world. So, even if the action speeds up or the lights dim, the shot will always be perfect.

The Android Logo’s History

Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system, initially developed by Android Inc. in 2003 and purchased by Google in 2005. There are several unofficial explanations about the origin of this logo, such as one alleging that it is a simplification of the character R2D2 from Star Wars or claims that a character from the video game inspired its creators. The video game character, also called Android, is similar to the current logo.

Benefits Android

  1. Android is open source
  2. It offers greater freedom
  3. Android has more diversity and versatility
  4. Uses of Android a multitasking system
  5. Provides greater interaction

How To Submit Your Articles?

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