Lavender Acrylic Nails

  • Lavender remains expected to be a trend for spring thanks to the color’s presence throughout Fashion Month.
  • Nail pros share how to refresh their spring manicures with the color purple.
  • Checked out our favorite lavender nail ideas to take to the salon.
  • Some people prioritize spring cleaning at the beginning of this season, but we prioritize renewing our beauty routines. The review is from the top down: from the hair colours we bring to the salon and the makeup styles we set out to try to the colors we choose for our nails.

One of the best shades for spring this year?

Lavender. This light purple hue has been seen all over the catwalks during Fashion Month and remains trending as one of the maximum popular manicure colors of the season. “Lavender always invokes the feeling of spring for me,” celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein expresses POPSUGAR. “It’s a calm color.”

The next best thing about the shadow?

“Lavender is incredibly easy to wear,” celebrity nail artist Julie Kadlec tells POPSUGAR. “It’s a non-boring neutral that still has some pizzazz.” That means it can remain worn as simple (like two coats of your favorite lavender nail polish) or spectacular (read: shimmery, as a negative space design, on the tips of your French manicure, and more) as you like. And it would still look wearable every day.

If you’re an at-home manicure type, Kadlec’s favorite lavender nail polish is CND Viny lux Weekly Polish in Wisteria Haze ($11), which is the perfect opaque shade. Still, if you’re looking for more than one way to wear the lavender nail trend, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite nail styles to take to your next date. There is no doubt about it. Lavender is one of the chicest colours of the spring season. The fresh air, warm winds and colourful flowers that dot our gardens are there to prove it. But our favorite part of spring is the manicures. Specifically, the lavender ombre nails!

Make sure to check everything out! There is a many for everyone.

What are ombre nails?

A lavender ombre manicure remains created using a color gradient. Usually, the tip of the nails remains a light shade of lavender and then slowly changes to a deeper purple at the base of the nail.

Or sometimes. This gradient remains reversed, and the tips of the nails are dark and then transition to a lighter shade of lavender towards the base.

1. Lavender Ombre Short Nails

This many is proof that simple can remain spectacular. These short but sweet nails are perfect for your everyday look.

lavender ombre nails

2. Double Lavender Purple Ombre

For those who desire a little more purple in their lives. These tapered square nails are it. An effortless ombre with a cool, warm shade of lavender? Sign up!

3. Elegant and elegant gold and lavender stiletto heels.

Looks can kill. But so can these nails. These spiky stiletto beauties feature a touch of classic gold leaf and a stunning glittery top layer to “sharpen” your style.

4. Shimmery ombre for days

This gorgeous acrylic set not only features cute lavender nails but is also glittery. Bring the life to the party with some chunky glitter and seal with your favorite top coat.

5. Lavender Nails with Gemstones

This manicure has fair the correct amount of additional. Spice up your lavender look with some other gemstones. Be sure to use a gel explicitly made for rhinestones so they don’t fall off.

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