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ProgrammersWe’re always looking for great content to help programmers get better at what we do every day. A blog post on Simple Programmers Write For us gives a chance to gain broad experience with over 150,000 visitors per month.

A Broad Overview of Submissions

A good writer on Simple Programmer will understand these four key concepts:

  • Articles are meant to inspire and motivate Programmers Write For us to find ways to improve their lives, whether professionally or personally (and sometimes both!)
  • Articles are written with our readers in mind. Rather than general personal development topics or advice, they should address how to apply these ideas to a programming lifestyle. Think specifically about the relevance of what you Programmers Write For us. Don’t be afraid to use code, technical jargon, and other analogies that programmers can pick up and understand.
  • Articles should be written in a narrative and personal style but with information. They should be accessible to a variety of readers, from novice programmers to full-time enterprise software experts. Our slogan is, after all, Making Complex Simple.
  • When in hesitation, always on the side of time. In addition to providing the best possible content for our readers, it’s always easier to remove unnecessary text than to stretch thin text (but maybe try to limit submissions to 4,000 words unless it’s not an epic article).

If you are interested to write article on our website, please contact

What Can You Write About?


All career subjects would require an application to employees, managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students.

Marketing Yourself

Blogging, personal branding, speaking, networking, social networks, podcasting. These articles should teach programmers how to sell themselves to others.


These articles should give programmers the tools to hurry their processes and put their best work (and selves) out to the world.

Better Programmer

Better Programming strives to be a comprehensive place where everyone feels welcome to read, write, and teach others.

If you characterize an under-represented group in startups, tech, or STEM, we highly encourage you to submit an article and contribute to Better Programming.

We are looking for helpful information and believe everyone has something to teach.

How To Submit Your Articles?

To Write for us, you can email us at

Programmers write for usWork Prices welcomes new writers who need to guest post, sponsor posts, or contribute articles repeatedly. Guest Bloggers are always welcome here at

The details that you use to work together with us for Guest Posting. Explore the guest posting requirements and the process of submitting a guest post to us.

Types of Articles and Categories We Welcome

We appreciate your search and interest in writing for us. Programmers Write For us as Guest Bloggers on topics related to Digital Marketing and marketing, Job Info, Tech, Finance, Health, CBD, Beauty, Marketing, Business Oil & Gas, and CBD.

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