Gas prices are skyrocketing in the entire world. A similar gas price situation is rising in India too. But, the government is not taking the perfect measures to hold them as they ride. As the gas prices are rising in the united states, the president ordered for suspension of tax for three months across the country. However, similar measures are necessary for India too.

Providers Cannot Simply Increase Prices

Many people fear price increases or sudden termination by the energy supplier – combined with high gas bills for the replacement supply. The Lower Saxony consumer advice center receives numerous inquiries on the subject and is aware of cases of illegal contract terminations and price and discount increases. However, she points out that consumers with current energy contracts do not have to fear any sudden jumps in costs.

“Providers are still bound by their prices. It makes no change whether there is an unrestricted or limited price guarantee in the general terms and conditions,” says Tiana Schönbohm. The restriction usually applies to state price components such as the EEG surcharge but not to increased procurement costs. Those affected should object to higher advance payments and can do souse a sample letter. Under no circumstances should they reduce the deductions required on their own.

Check Possible New Contract For Replacement Supply

Anyone who receives a notice of termination and ends up in the replacement supply of the primary supplier faces with the question of whether they should look for a new tariff and sign a new contract. However, given the current developments, it is impossible to predict what price increases can still be expected. A new contract can therefore be the better solution,” advises Schonbohm. However, consumers should always be careful not to commit themselves to an energy provider for an unnecessarily long period.

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Tips For Saving Heating Costs

According to the Federal Environment Agency, 70 percent of heating consumes the maximum energy in the household. Therefore, in addition to structural measures, save money with simple means and CO2 emissions reduce simultaneously.

Caulking Older Windows

The cheapest are caulking tape that expands or self-adhesive foam caulking strips available at hardware stores. Rubber seals are more durable and suitable for plastic windows.


Old window sills are often not insulated, and cavities underneath are filled with insulating material. Ceilings are also protected if there is an uninsulated room above them, such as an attic or a flat roof.

Ventilate Properly

ventilate quickly in the mornings and evenings instead of continuous ventilation. Open the windows of opposite rooms wide. Provide a draft for 15 minutes in autumn and spring and 5 minutes in winter. Turn off the radiators while airing.

Proper Heating

Pay attention to the room temperature. One degree less heat saves around six percent of energy. In living areas, it should be about 20 degrees; in the bedroom, 16 to 18 degrees are sufficient. Electronic thermostats on each radiator allow you to set the desired temperature for each room.

Bleed The Heater

If air collects in the heater, it no longer gets hot, even with the valve fully open. Then unscrew the bleeder valve on the radiator’s side, entertain the mug and let the air out. Special automatic air vent valves also  attaches to the radiator.

Compare Gas Prices

You should always check the tariffs when the provider increases the prices. Changing providers is currently only worthwhile if you pay significantly too much.


Gas prices news are increasing all around the globe. The above specific measures should be taken into consideration. The government must act according to the country’s supply and demand.

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