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Youtuber Write For UsYoutuber Write For Us: Youtuber is the content creator for the North American video-sharing platform YouTube. The first YouTuber was Jawed Karim, co-creator of the site, who published a 19-second video in 2005 entitled Me at the Zoo, in which he walked around observing animals. At that time, being a YouTuber just meant having an account on the site and uploading simple videos.

A year later, the first Brazilian YouTuber, Guilherme Zaiden, appeared. He made videos with comic content, and among his creations stood out the “Confessions of an Emo,” the “Jesus loves you!” and the “Brazilian Orkut Addiction Association.” Zaiden published these videos and became famous when YouTube had only two million users in Brazil. Still, about Brazilians, a relevant mark was registered from the publication of a video containing the training of the player Ronaldinho Gaúcho. The file was the first to reach one million views.

As of the second half of the 2010s, YouTube had around 1.5 billion users on a global scale, an audience made up of subscribers and content creators. With the exponential growth of the platform and video monetization policies, YouTube activity became profitable, and many users began to professionalize their channels.

What Is Youtuber: Tips To Be Successful With Youtube Channel

Now that you know what a YouTuber is, check out some tips to succeed with your channel:

  • Deal with subjects that encourage public engagemen
  • Define strategies to increase the number of subscribers
  • Invest in quality optimization
  • Insert keywords in the description and title of the videos
  • Have constancy in the posts
  • Start producing videos that engage your audienc
  • To be more assertive, try to focus on one segment
  • Invest in attractive thumbs/thumbnails (video covers)
  • Use optimization tools such as VidIQ
  • Create a call to action in the video and description
  • Try to study the subject
  • Features of youtuber videos

Several Factors Determine The Success Of Youtuber Videos

Original and personal content: The public feels identified with these contents that can appeal to their emotions and awaken a feeling of fidelity.

Proximity to their audience: YouTubers consider their followers’ requests to create content. In this case, they await the comments and consultations made to generate new material that adapts to the needs of their community.

Promotion and advertising: In addition to using YouTube, they also use other digital tools and platforms to promote their videos and increase their chances of viewing them. Other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, a blog or website, are supports that they also use.

How Youtubers Make Money From Youtube

For some YouTubers, it is a hobby to share their videos, and their objective is to publicize their likes and share them with other users with similar interests. But some YouTubers can earn around 200 euros a month with an average of 20,000 visits daily.

YouTube Partner: For all those who have achieved great success and have a substantial following, YouTube offers to be a partner and agrees to pay $2 for every 1000 views.

Other contracts: When a YouTuber becomes known, he can earn revenue through advertising contracts outside of YouTube, teach classes or participate in professional activities in his area, among other things.

Google Ads: Through this platform, thousands of companies pay to place their ads on different videos, money that channel owners charge. Such advertising may vary depending on the content of the page or the geographic area where the video is located.

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Guidelines of the Article – Youtuber Write For Us

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