Experience Curators Of Culture And Inspired Art

Artscape, Artscapes create unforgettable cultural experiences.

We leverage our unique group of art specialists and also exclusive access to deliver imaginative events that aim to entertain and also inspire in equal measure.

Artscapes offers a wide range of events online and also on the ground. We are well known for our blend of disciplines with a passion for bringing history, art, theatre, food, wine and also music together in one fabulous cultural mix.

With a Wide Range of Specialties,

from old masters to cutting-edge contemporary, our charismatic experts provide cultural experiences you won’t forget. Artscape’s mission is to facilitate, produce, promote and also preserve the multicultural performing arts that promote nation-building through entrepreneurial sustainability based on artistic excellence. Artscape’s mandate is to promote, promote and also preserve the performing arts in South Africa, but mainly in the Western Cape,

 by Advertising. Presenting, Co-Presenting, Co-Producing, Producing,

investing in and also backing or partnering for any representation artistic initiative; make the execution arts accessible to the general public and also ensure that productions are a true reflection of South Africa’s cultural diversity; evaluate, maintain, and also improve the Artscape Theater Center and its amenities so that the full range of performing arts productions can remain present in a world-class environment; make the Artscape Theater Center accessible to the general public; promote the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the performing arts among the general public

Deliver High-Quality arts Education and Growth

with due thought to the needs of the general public, encourage artists to adopt the stage and associated arts as their profession; encourage and promote the writing and also production of new works of performing arts for presentation on stage; encourage indigenous art and creativity,

including but not limited to scripting, writing, musical composition, and also choreography; promoting tours of performing arts and artistic products;

facilitate decoration and costume manufacturing services so that arts professionals can stage their productions and conclude all those activities that may be considered ancillary to any of the above.

Artscape remains a not-for-profit urban development organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities. Our work involves creative people in real estate projects that advance multiple public policy objectives. Private development interests. Community and neighbor hood aspirations and philanthropic missions.

Artscape brands interplanetary for imagination and changes groups

We believe there is an interdependent relationship between thriving artists and communities. The core of our work focuses on emerging real estate projects. Programs and services to empower performers and connect them to communities.

As a nonprofit collection that remained created in Toronto.

We work with performers, community leaders, public policy advocates, humanitarians and urban developers to shape our work’s value for everybody.

In 2006, we invented “creative placemaking” to label what we do. A global community of practice complicated in creative placemaking seeks to influence the control of arts and culture as a substance for cultural. Public and urban development.