Portable diesel LED light towers benefit Atlas Copco LED light barbicans for a wide variety of applications. Enjoy bright, even light over its long life and lower running costs thanks to its fuel-efficient and heavy-duty LED bulbs. Experience the ease they bring to the job site – easy to transport, easy to maintain, easy to handle, while providing the best light. Contact us to determine how your application can benefit from Atlas Copco portable LED light towers.

Transportable Lighting Towers With LED Technology

Atlas Copco has put its stamp of innovation on LED technology. The lenses on our LED light towers have exceptional optics designed specifically for construction and mining applications. This innovative, fully directional LED lens design maximizes the light coverage and reduces ‘waste lighting.’ A sole highlight tower can cover an area of ​​up to 5,000m2 with an average intensity of 20 lux, ensuring a brighter, safer, and more productive workplace.

Diesel Leds Lighting Tower

  • 4 x 320W High Efficiency LED Lights
  • It will help you save fuel and protect the environment. This Generac brand diesel LED light tower is compact and ecological.
  • It is designed considering its relatively small dimensions, high reliability, and quality of manufacturing materials.
  • Lowering the tower is an essential factor in handling and transportation. In addition, our LED light tower installs and uses a single operator.
  • The characteristics are reflected in the model’s technical sheet; the exact measurements vary from one unit to another. If this specific model is unavailable, one with similar characteristics will be supplied. Consult the particular parts of the available machines.

Lighting With LED Bulbs

  • There is something for everyone in the aftermarket. We can find xenon kits, LED car lamps, or better halogen bulbs than our cars can carry as standard.
  • Since the LED is in vogue and most of the questions have to do with the new replacement LED bulbs, we are going to see if it really interests us and if we can install them in our vehicle.
  • Many drivers today who want to improve their vehicle’s aesthetics or its lighting finally opt for LED car bulbs.

Advantages Offered By Diesel Leds

The main reason manufacturers install LED systems is their durability, aesthetics, and of course, the safety they offer. Furthermore, it is a system that allows us to create light signatures more easily. In addition, the temperature emitted by the LED is minimal, and therefore the space that the headlight must occupy is much smaller than that of a conventional headlight.

In the case of a filament bulb, tapping the brake pedal on our vehicle closes an electrical switch that sends an electrical current through the brake lights. The tungsten filaments heat up, and about a tenth of a second later, the brake lights come on, in the case of the LED.


Diesel leds lights are mainly gaining popularity because of the comfort they provide. Moreover, they are energy efficient and work for a longer duration. But, on the other hand, the light they provide is not so impactful to the naked eye. It is not that the product is illegal or harmful, but that its use does not have the approval of law unless the light diode system comes from the factory.