The 6-dimensional hair extensions method is a new way of installing hair extensions where the hair is applied using multiple strands together. It is a speedy method that does not use tape, chemicals or clips. Instead, a ‘gun’ loaded with glue-tipped human hair remains used. And it takings about 20 minutes aimed at filled Head.

This method has increased in popularity due to its rapidity. Durability. And quick removal process.

Making it a good option for those who want a more permanent solution for hair extensions, as 6D extension can last up to a year if cared for properly.

What hair do you use for 6D extra time?

6D hair extensions

Most 6D hair extensions come pre-bonded, so you only have to focus on installing the hair as this technique offers a more permanent installation. Using 100% human hair is highly recommended instead of synthetic hair for a full head. You will probably need about four packs (200 strands) to get a full head effect.

You can wear any hair, whether you want double extensions or cuticle-aligned hair.

How to apply for 6D hair extensions

The 6D extensions method is perhaps the fastest way to apply permanent hair extensions, as the entire process takes between 20-30 minutes. This method used a ‘gun’, a small glue-tipped unit of hair strips to install. We highly recommend seeing a professional stylist for the best results and safest application.

Below are some steps on how to apply for 6D extensions.

Leave a minor layer on top of the Head to cover.

Take a small section of hair and hold it not too far from the scalp (width 5 cm and thickness 0.5-1 cm).

Move the button to open the section where there is a “slot”. Open the card slot and supplement the hair extensions. Attach the extensions piece to the hair gun and place your small section of natural hair in between the fun. Place the hair evenly in the groove, then as close to the scalp as possible. And press and hold. Slowly pull out the plastic card after fastening it, then put the plastic on the top of the machine and connect it firmly.

The most crucial step in the process: the clamps will break up the plastic, making it easy to remove and leaving a seamless, invisible blend.

How long does it last?

6D hair extensions generally last up to a year; most people often keep the hair for six to eight months before reapplying. They do not need to remain replaced or adjusted for at least six months, making them the perfect option for those who like to have long hair permanently.

How to remove 6D hair extensions?

6d hair extensions

The 6d hair extensions tool also comes with a removal plier designed to quickly remove glue from natural hair, so extensions slide on. The solution remains intended to break the bonds made by the adhesive.

Pros and cons of 6D extensions:

The main benefit of having 6D extensions is that they are permanent, meaning you can sleep in them and won’t need to reapply them every day. They also remain a great way to get continuous length and volume to your hair without glues or harmful chemicals.

The 6dimension hair extensions method offers one of the smoothest applications as the glue is small and almost invisible and cannot remain visible through the hair. The hair can last for a year and can be reused.

The 6D extensions tool only grabs a small amount of hair at a time, which can be frustrating. To protect your hair, you need to keep it away from your scalp, which means that by the time your hair begins to grow, you may already have visible new growth from a long time ago.

Caring for your 6D hair extensions

Aftercare of permanent extensions is essential. Since they are permanently attached to your hair, it is crucial to take good care of them to keep them clean, smooth and tangle-free and prevent tangling. Your barber should provide full aftercare instructions and tell you which products are best to use and which are best to avoid!

There are many ways you can keep your extensions in tip-top shape by preparing them before you apply them and having unique

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