LAAM PK is Pakistan’s one fashion online store home to the country’s finest fashionable wear. The main aim behind this undertaking is to host various Pakistani designer, lifestyle, and luxury brands under one rooftop where global customers can shop. laam pk | Pakistan’s most prominent fashion discovery platform

The operator of an online fashion store aimed at providing designer clothing and luxury items. The company’s platform unites various Pakistani designers, ready-to-wear, lifestyle, and luxury brands under one roof, allowing users to find unique, personalized, and innovative products.


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Laam pk: Reinventing Fashion

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Fashion evolves seamlessly over the years and reflects the moods of each decade and the style evolutions of the whole society. Previously, fashion development revolved around traditions and cultures, but now technology is critical in creating the next trend. Times have changed and so have our habits. What was once “IN” is now “TREND” in social media.

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Also constantly strives to reinvent and improve the e-commerce experience to make it the desired online shopping destination for fashion customers. PK is not like your run-of-the-mill fashion retailer; in fact, it directly impacts the future of Fashion.

Some Of The Famous Collections Of Laam PK

Price Coat Occasions Designer Wear

  • Angrakha Groom Prince Coat OC0012

Color Type: Purple

Work Technique: Embellished, Adda Work

  • Zinc Groom Prince Coat OC0011

Fabric: Silk

Color Type: Blue

Work Technique: Embroidered, Adda Work

  • Offwhite Gold Prince Coat OC007

Style: Prince Coat

Fabric: Jamawar

Work Technique: Embellsihed , Adda Work

  • Black Roya Art Front Open Gown

Fabric: Velvet

Color Type: Black

Work Technique: Embroidered

  • Green Groom Prince Coat OC011

Style: Prince Coat

Fabric: Raw Silk

Work Technique: Embellished , Adda Work

  • Maroon & Golden Prince Coat OC003

Style: Prince Coat

Fabric: Velvet

Work Technique: Embroidered, Embellished



Laam Pk Review

LAAM PK’s mission is to change how people find the clothes they love by joining technology with the personal touch of knowledgeable style experts. Fashion consultants with amazing insight into changing market trends. The customer experience isn’t just curated, it’s truly personalized and tailored to our customer’s unique needs and tastes. Fashion Advisors are passionate about what they do and determined to learn about the changing style and conditions of our customers to find the perfect pieces for them. LAAM PK helps its users save time, look great, and evolve their style.

www laam pk

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, where consumers turned to e-commerce for safety reasons, fashion brands were forced to close their studios, retail stores, and production houses, forcing them to stop selling entirely. To make the best transition decision—your business to e-commerce and not suffer the loss of losing your position in the market. With the rise in the number of unemployed people worldwide, buying from luxury brands has become less desirable, leaving brands with excess inventory and capturing online orders as a survival option.

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Covid 19 has essentially exposed the inefficiencies and drawbacks of old Fashion and retail industry process methods, paving the way for multi-designer online fashion stores and user-friendly platforms like LAAMPK. Fashion companies have learned that they must progress their capability to adapt to new challenges quickly, overcome them, stop production, and implement strategies. To engage their customers by improving their e-commerce experience by collaborating and presenting their collection on the platform they have. She brought a lot of traffic to her website and did a lot of publicity for the fashion audience.

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The Next Big Thing in Fashion Industry: LAAM PK


LAAM PK was founded by proven e-commerce, Fashion, marketing, and operations entrepreneurs to create a truly unique service. Company

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Discount and Visionaries look at industries with an innovative mindset and are constantly looking for ways to revolutionize them. LAAM PK is a system designed to change and simplify how a cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle experience should be kept online. They offers an exclusive sales area for the designers and the collection. We work with all budgets.

What Makes Laam pk Different?

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LAAM PK’s visionaries look at industries with an innovative mindset and are constantly looking for ways to revolutionize them. PK is a system created to change and simplify how a cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle experience should be maintained online. PK offers an exclusive sales space for designers and the collection. We work with all budgets.

All-In-One Solution

Brands have the opportunity to present their collectibles in a dedicated sales area. LAAM offers support services such as sales campaigns, brand introductions to buyers, marketing campaigns for emerging brands. Online ordering such as B2B, event planning such as fashion shows and press releases, and more.

All-Inclusive Global Ecommerce

Switching to LAAM might be a good idea if you already have an online store. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, LAAM was created entirely with a focus on the needs of Fashion, lifestyle, and design brands.

Passionate And Talented Team

Today, the PK team is a group of passionate and talented people. Our sole purpose is to build the future of the fashion, luxury and design industries and fulfill our mission by helping our partners become globally recognized and more successful.

LAAM Publication’s main focus revolves around Fashion, whether it’s the latest style & trends in Fashion or the business & technological aspects of Fashion. We will also publish features on Brides and Celebrities styled by LAAM.