Green Dye Over Red Dye – Discoloration Color dyes are one of the growing fashions in the present generation. Young teens, as well as the elder ones, prefer hair dyes. The fashion sense is elaborating and allows us to try new trends.

How Do Semi-Permanent Hair Colors Work?

Suppose you are an avid reader of Color-Mania. In that case, you already know by heart what will follow, but since repeating yourself never hurts. Let’s take a look at semi-permanent hair colors, what we sell in our shop, and everything obtainable in the market to dye your hair green.

Semi-permanent hair colors are peroxide and ammonia free. More concretely, this means that these products are not aggressive for the hair or the scalp. Relatively good news, therefore, especially since you have to regularly recolor your hair because the color fades as you shampoo (which can be seen as a disadvantage when you have found your favorite color. But also as an advantage if you like to change your face often. Of course, there are ways to make your color last as long as possible, see here: maintain a semi-permanent color ).

These colorings are also translucent: they do not lighten the hair (unlike supermarket-type permanent faces, which often contain a lightning product). So if you want lighter green hair than your current hair color, you’ll have to go through bleaching first. And if you dream of green hair, discoloration will often be essential.

Discoloration Step

We have already spoken to you extensively and across the techniques and tips for successful discoloration. However, if you missed this information, check out this post: discoloration  (and if you want to dig deeper, all our hair posts – and therefore discoloration – are gathered here: all hair posts).

One thing we can’t stress enough: take it easy. Don’t forget to do a element test to see how long the product needs to sit.

If your hair is very dark, be aware that you probably won’t get to platinum all at once (and so forget the pastel green and turquoise for now); go step by step so you don’t damage your hair and the scalp. Also, consider the Urban plex Kit to protect your hair during bleaching.

The Discoloration Stage

Some shades of red can be done on unbleached hair. These are the darkest colors, and they will especially take on blond or light brown hair. Darker hair can still expect a slight sheen (to find out more, see our post on hair colors that don’t necessarily require bleaching ). But if you want a beautiful red, you will have to bleach your hair because semi-permanent colors are translucent. Therefore, cannot lighten the hair.

Fortunately, with the red color, you don’t have to worry too much about the discoloration. Indeed, if your hair, once bleached, remains red or very yellow, no worries, the yellow does not interfere with the red (to know everything about the white or yellow bases, read our post on which color with which discoloration results). So if you’re starting from a dark base and can’t lighten too much, red hair color might be your solution.


Some colors combine pretty well. The color dyes play a massive role in the fashion sense. For example, green dye combines with yellow and blue to give the perfect color.