We speak of an abandoned cart when a user adds a product to it via an e-commerce site but does not proceed to payment and does not make the purchase. Sometimes users abandon their shopping cart because they are not ready to buy. Instead, they use their shopping cart as a wish list or reserve while finding the right product. Set up personalized automatic email alerts to remind users of items in their cart. All they need is to be encouraged to finalize their payment.

Nearly 70% of e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart before completing the purchase. They leave it for all kinds of reasons.

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails?

If you’ve ever left a site while shopping online, you may have received abandoned cart emails, which usually come in stages. The 1st email is generally a little reminder inviting you to finalize your purchase. The 2nd could tell you a deadline: “Your order is about to expire!”. And, usually, the 3rd includes a coupon or discount to keep you coming back.

Small sellers often create and send these emails. If this is too time-consuming for your business, don’t worry: you can automate the process.

Why Did He Leave?

If you know the responses to these questions and can answer them in the content of your email, you are already halfway there. Common reasons for people leaving are usually related to high shipping costs, having to create an account, or concerns about site security.

But if you don’t know the answers, start by collecting reviews to find out why your customers are coming to your website and not your competitors’ and why they’re leaving. Then you can fix the problem with an email that includes a shipping discount, offers assistance with completing their purchase, or emphasizes your site’s security.

How To Write Effective Abandoned Cart Emails

Innovative content and dynamic images can engage your customers, but their interest doesn’t matter if you don’t make it easy for them to buy the products they want. It is why it is crucial to communicate as clearly as possible.

Write A Captivating Subject Line

The subject is one of the primary things your recipients will see. So how do you write content that grabs their attention?

Stay concise and personable. Better to avoid your object going off-screen or ending in an ellipsis. If you’re targeting mobile users, don’t use more than 50 characters.

Use the customer’s name. For example, you can write: “Hey Tony, you forgot something here”. When possible, keep your tone personal and friendly.

Do not be “spamming”. It can be difficult, so have your team read all of your subject lines. If a person brings up something like “clickbait”, switch. When in doubt, opt for simplicity and a clean style. For example, don’t use more than one exclamation point or write in all caps.

Use numbers. “Hello Martha, the seven items in your shopping cart are waiting for you.” Your email will thus be direct and concrete.

Complete The Email With A Call To Action

Don’t expect your readers to know what to do when you haven’t made it explicit. Consider embedding a call to action (CTA) button at the top of the page and the bottom of the email.

Tips For Abandoned Cart Emails

Distributing a targeted, personal, and timely email can keep visitors returning. However, not all abandoned cart emails generate effective results. Here are some best practices for getting the most out of yours:

1. Stay True To Your Brand Tone

Are you fun and friendly? Sleek and classic? In any case, keep this tone. Maintaining a consistent brand image helps your e-commerce business look professional, making it an attractive starting point for your potential customers, including the most undecided.

2. Be Personal

Remember that people love posts that talk about what they love and want to be treated like a person. Consider using your customer’s name and listing specific items in their cart. The message thus proves your efforts and that you did not send the same email to everyone.

3. Submit Related Articles

With Product Recommendations, you can easily showcase other items your customers will love. (They might even prefer these suggestions.) Feel free to be direct and write something like, “We noticed you were interested in gardening supplies! You might find this information interesting.”

4. Offer Incentives

Since high shipping costs are one of the main reasons people abandon their online shopping carts. However, this marketing strategy can prove costly over time, so monitor this closely and ensure that your sales volume justifies the reduction.


Abandoned carts are mainly in the shopping carts, which need to be developed to attract customers. The primary objective of any business is satisfying a customer. The customers certain select products and leaves them as it is without buying. So, the developers need to focus on making the customers buy it.