Simple mehendi design are those that are very easy to apply. These are beginner-friendly. These mehendi designs are very simple and elegant, and these are a few types of simple mehendi designs:

Simple Mehendi Designs Types

Floral Mehendi designs: These mehendi designs are very simple, popular, and frequently used. These designs include leaves and flowers of different sizes. These patterns are used primarily on fingers, palms, and the back of the hand.

Geometric Mehendi Designs:  Geometric Mehendi Designs are some of the most elegant and straightforward mehendi designs. They include lines, squares, triangles, and dots. Uses primarily on the wristband and fingers.

Arabic Mehendi Designs: The detailed and bold pattern of Arabic Mehendi Designs is well renowned. However, these mehendi patterns feature unique and lovely components, like flowers and geometric forms. These patterns mainly utilize on the hands and feet.

Leafy Vine Mehendi Designs: Leafy Vine mehendi designs are another lovely and straightforward type of mehendi design. This pattern contains leaves and vines, giving it a realistic appearance. This pattern of mehendi designs is one of the most frequently used ones nowadays on the down and back of the hand.

Mandala Mehendi Designs: Mandala Mehendi designs are circular patterns with plenty of attractive, eye-catching, frequently utilized motifs. The majority of these patterns utilize palms. On the other hand, most occasions that favor simplicity use minimalist mehendi patterns. The designs use simple, attractive lines and patterns with tiny dots. Additionally, these can apply to any portion of the hand or foot.

Minimalist Mehendi Design: Mehendi designs that are minimalistic are typically utilized on occasions where simplicity is valued. These patterns have little, stylishly drawn lines that are minimally spaced out and dotted in patterns. Also, using any hand or foot part, is this

Front-Hand Simple Mehendi Designs:

The front hand, from the tips of the fingers to the elbow or any other part of the front hand, is covered in simple Mehendi designs, which are wonderfully carved patterns often used for special occasions. These are quite beautiful and are kept up with exquisite patterns in various shapes, such as circles, flowers, or any other unusual designs. These patterns are widespread in countries like Pakistan and India and elsewhere in the world.

Simple And Easy Mehendi Designs

Simple and easy mehndi designs are quick and simple to apply, making them a fantastic choice for novices or anyone who desires a lovely appearance and elegance. These patterns, which can use on the fingers, hands, or feet, frequently consist of simple shapes, lines, and dots. Some simple mehndi designs are floral themes, geometric patterns, and abstract patterns.

You can draw these patterns on your snaps to see how they appear on your hand. Even children’s hands have been painted with these henna-based creations, which have enhanced the beauty and cuteness of their hands.

The following examples of quick and easy mehndi designs:

Floral Vine: Simple mehendi patterns with vines and leaves mainly on the back of the hand are called “Floral Vine.”

Dotted Borders: Mehendi designs with dotted borders are very popular on the edges of hands and fingers. The mehendi designs are also given a decorative and concluding touch by it.

Wristbands with minimalist designs are highly fashionable and act as lovely designs around the wrist. They may have parallel or dotted lines.

Accentuated Index Finger: These elaborate mehendi designs, which can be floral or geometrical in nature, is quite stunning and serve as the focal point of an outfit to further enhance its elegance and beauty.

Simple Leg Mehendi Designs

Simple Leg Mehendi Designs

Simple leg mehendi patterns can be as lovely as hand mehendi patterns, are beautiful, and complete the style. These mehendi patterns consist of the following:

Ankle bracelets are typically lovely, straightforward ankle mehendi patterns with elegant geometric forms or tiny dots.

Vine and leaf pattern: The vines and leaves that frequently appear in this pattern of straight-leg mehendi designs give it an organic appearance that is basic and elegant.

These mehendi designs contain diagonal lines that start at the base and are kept on top of the foot, making them attractive.

Diagonal lines: These mehendi patterns contain diagonal lines preserved on top of the foot and begin at the base, making them attractive.

Symmetrical floral design: These straightforward leg mehendi designs have symmetrical floral patterns focusing on the cuteness of flowers. An asymmetrical array of shapes will play on either side of the flower in the center.

The single motif on the toe: These shoes have a single motif on the toes, which could be a tiny flower or any other symbol that expresses a person’s personality and enhances the design.

These few mehendi designs, available online, have been designed in various ways with various patterns that may include geometrical, floral, and line patterns. Therefore, they are very beneficial and enhance one’s physical beauty and overall health.


These are the few applications for mehendi and some of the well-liked styles that are fashionable in India and other areas of the world. These patterns are helpful in modern marriages because they enhance significant occasions, make them more beautiful, and make them happier occasions.