E-commerce development is mainly in use by many people. However, due to busy schedules, people find it difficult to go to the stores. So, they mostly prefer e-commerce platforms. In addition, the design and quality of the e-commerce platform are essential to attract customers. So, a good e-commerce development platform and the need of the hour are always crucial.

This open-source platform is also capable of generating maximum sales and increasing conversion. So,  here are the key features of the E-Commerce development platform:

Catalog Management

Catalog management is one of the critical elements of the online store. In the development platform, the inventory system admin can easily maintain inventory, and it also offers the following features

  • Easy to maintain simple, configurable, and bundled products.
  • Easy to download products with samples.
  • In addition to, unlimited use of product attributes
  • Flexibility in maintaining inventory with out-of-stock items, minimum and maximum quantities.
  • Automatic image resizing and watermark functionality
  • Ability to customize customer products, etc.
  • Finally, function for RSS feeds and many more rates.

Site Management

Mainly, It provides excessive functionality to merchants for online site management.

Here are some of the features

  • An admin panel to control multiple websites and stores
  • Administrative permission for system roles and users.
  • In addition, Fully custom design using the template.
  • Unlimited support for multiple languages ​​and currencies.
  • Built-in functionality for content management and landing pages.
  • Individual functionality for tax by location, product type, and customer group.
  • Captcha functionality to prevent fake logins.

Product Search

It also provides the merchant with product browsing features to enhance the user experience from the online store.

The main features are

  • Functionality for multiple images per product.
  • Mainly, ability to maintain stock availability
  • Features for related products and multi-level upselling.
  • Features for a grouped view of products.
  • Functionality to add an item to the Wishlist.

Payment, Shipping, And Payment

When choosing the best shopping cart platform, the main concerns are shipping and payment processes. But, the development platform offers a brilliant and integrated solution for payment and shipping options.

Here are the main features

  • One page checkout functionality
  • Ability to ship to multiple addresses in one order.
  • SSL security support for front-end/back-end command
  • However, functionality for a shopping cart with tax and purchase estimates.
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways.
  • Functionality for accepting cheques/money orders and purchase orders.
  • Additional availability of payment extension.
  • Finally, order tracking, free shipping, flat rate shipping, and more.

User Account Management

This platform makes it easy to maintain and b63.user accounts with many additional features and options.

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard account
  • Functionality to maintain recent orders, history, and status.
  • Save the Wishlist to allow the user to purchase the item later.
  • Default billing and delivery address
  • Availability for downloadable/digital products.

Commerce Convivial Mobile

One can easily create and optimize mobile devices for an eCommerce store.

It includes features like

  • All device-specific media capabilities for audio and video
  • Ability to display a clean product detail page
  • However, easy to swipe between product images
  • Zoom in and out
  • Product cross-sell and up-sell functionality
  • Finally, Mobile-friendly drag and drop functionality.


The above features are primarily essential in contrast to the E-Commerce development platform. In addition, maintaining the quality and a good sense of need is necessary. In this era, as the need for e-commerce is increasing, proper management pushes it to another level.

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