App88vin com is a stage where you can play games and win money. This website is for gaming and earning money online and is the easiest platform for making money through lottery and games.

What is App88vin Com?

This is a website that Vietnamese go to for lottery information. People who like to play the lottery and want to check if they have won or not find [App88vin.Com] the best place to get the required information. The website also offers different games that are easy to download to your device to enjoy at leisure.

App Details

  • Created: August 7, 2021
  • Domain name:
  • Domain expiration date: August 7, 2022
  • Host Wen: • Alexa Ratings (Globally): Over 1 Billion
  • Server location (country): Singapore
  • Most traffic generated from all over the world
  • Category: Lottery-related content and games
  • Longitude and latitude: 1.2897 103.8501
  • IP address:

Is App88vin Com safe?

This is one of the most searched sites by Vietnamese. The site host is from Singapore and is hosted by The website is viral as it publishes lottery information which is very useful for users.

However, This app is heavily trafficked and has a good Alexa ranking. According to research, there is 1 billion traffic on App88vin Com which proves that the website is safe for users. Online presence and user reviews make the site legit, but a thorough check should be done before entering the website.

How to Download App88vin com?

Click To Download App88vin Com App

How to Install Games ?

  • First, you need to visit the website on your device browser.
  • You will find a wide range of games, so click on the one you poverty to play. Once you click on the game, the zip file will be installed.
  • Once the file is downloaded, go to Settings -> Security -> Enable “unknown sources.”
  • Click on the zip folder to install the game on your device.

Why is this app popular?

The website has a good amount of information about the lottery, which is very useful for its reader. Moreover, the site includes a wide range of games that are easy to install on a device and allow users to stay active in their free time.

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Install in IOS

  • Search the Google Play (Android) app for: Faster and Safer Internet or App Store is: Faster Internet
  • Then install this app as usual; after successfully installing app – Internet Faster & Safer, please continue to do the following:
  • You will need to launch this application after successfully downloading and installing it on your device.

Install in android

  • Then the first time we use this app, we will click skip to skip the app announcement and confirm OK.
  • Enter the app’s main interface here to change DNS; we will click to activate this app and confirm the new DNS access request from the app warning.
  • The system will automatically connect and change the DNS; this process is complete, and we will get the message Connected.
  • You can quickly revert your device to the old DNS address by clicking Disable.
  • After changing the DNS successfully, you can activate the 88Vin app to play normally


Moreover, this is a new web portal. They provide various games and content about the lottery. This website is well-known in Vietnam and also constantly attracts traffic from there.

This question arises, is this website safe? The site seems to offer games. Also, it looks OK to install and play games. Want to know more about the lottery in general? Visit this link.