Small Business Payroll Services From G&A Partners, As your business grows. So does your list of responsibilities. When you outsource payroll and also other HR services to G&A Partners, our trusted experts will automate and also manage your employees’ administrative tasks, so you can focus your time on building and also growing your business.

Optimize the payroll process of your employees

With G&A’s online payroll processing technology, you can automate payroll submissions, quickly prepare paychecks, and provide employees and managers easy and also secure access to pay stubs, benefits information, timesheets, forms, and more. Tax and also more.

G&A’s comprehensive small business payroll solutions include:

  • Online payroll submission
  • Payroll tax returns
  • time and also attendance
  • Garnishment and also lien administration
  • Small business payroll solutions tailored to your wants

On G&A., We income the time to understand your company’s and also your employee’s needs and goals before creating your custom HR solutions. From payroll processing to time and also attendance to employee benefits and more, we can meet the needs of your business today and also adapt accordingly as you grow. Work smarter

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A better way to process payroll

With G&A Small Business Staff Services, you get the technology and also support to automate your payroll and navigate deductions, taxes, and tips. Commissions and also more.

Save time

Simplified employee time tracking

Say goodbye to manual scheduling and also reporting. With G&A’s online time chasing tool, you can better manage work agendas, increase output, improve accuracy, and also more.

Optimized reports

Highly efficient payroll reporting

Streamline W-2 forms and 1099 reporting, ensure regulatory compliance, and also streamline your spending with G&A’s simplified, automated payroll reporting technology.

Dedicated customer service

G&A’s human resources professionals are ready to help you when you need them. Whether it’s federal tax questions, paycheck deductions, direct deposit, or more. Our experts remain committed to providing you and also your employees with the highest customer service.

You have the vision. We can help you get there.

Trusted human resources solutions, employee benefits, payroll services and more.

By subcontracting your HR to G&A, your company and also employees get comprehensive HR solutions, personalized support, easy-to-use integrated technology, and also unparalleled customer service, helping you shape a stronger basis and reach new and also exciting heights. HR solutions remain built around your specific needs.

Iooking for help with staff services or need more comprehensive HR solutions like health insurance, human resource management, retirement plans, recruiting and also more, we’ll modify a plan that works for your present needs and also budget.


Robust technology backed by world-class customer service.

When you partner with G&A., You improve access to advanced, integrated HR technology backed by a dedicated customer service team. This helps you avoid wasting time on technology issues, so you can get back to rising your business.


HR consulting, knowhow and support that adapts to your growing business.

Your human resource needs are unique, and also the support you need now can change and evolve as your business grows. G&A offers flexible and also modified HR solutions backed by a team devoted to helping you succeed today and also tomorrow.

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Employee Benefits

A benefits package that helps you entice and retain valued employees.

Offer the Fortune-500 tools and also aids that help you retain and employee the best talent for your organization, including streamlined, automated payroll services and affordable premium benefits like health insurance, 401(k), life and more.

Error-free, timely and compliant payroll services from right-hand experts.

As companies grow, teams grow. Payroll processing, staff taxes, paid time off, and other connected tasks can end up dominating your time and human resources department. The hours you once spent growing your business remain now spent on form-filling. But your staffs depend on you for a consistent paycheck. Joining G&A can help you take care of your squad and get back to taking care of business.


“We are also look forward to spreading our extensive broker and transfer partner network in Denver and the nearby areas,” said Aaron Call, G&A’s decision-making vice president of processes for the western United States. The more broker-friendly PEOs, we are dedicated to associating with local agencies and self-determining agents to develop mutually helpful relations that agree us to deliver brilliant value to our shared clients.”

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