Digital marketing services are changing every day. To chart a clear long-term trajectory, you first must draw up a solid short-term action plan. Even though it is impossible to predict what digital marketing will look like in 2022, it is still advisable to keep an eye out for emerging trends. In addition, these trends take marketing to the next level by looking into the scenario.

Stories On Social Networks

Everyone loves good stories. Many brands rely on storytelling to attract customers, solve their problems and retain them over the long term.

With nearly 500 million people using Instagram Stories daily, creating compelling content on Instagram can be a great way to attract and retain customers. To create social media content, take the ABCD approach

  • A for “Attention”: attract attention and retain customers with an exciting story or anecdote
  • B for “Branding”: constantly highlight the brand
  • C for “Connection”: connect with consumers by playing the emotion card — give them something to think about and make them feel things
  • D for “Direction”: Discreetly encourage customers to perform the desired action

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is not new. Businesses have been communicating with their customers via instant messaging for many years. 46% of customers prefer to communicate via instant messaging rather than email or social media.

In addition to helping existing customers, chatbots are also a great lead generation tool. As chatbots have become increasingly essential, brands would do well to add this automated program to their marketing toolbox in 2022.

The Omnichannel Experience

25% of customers say convenience influences their decision-making when researching ideas, products, or experiences. They suppose to be able to interact with the brand directly on their device, whenever they want.

Let’s take the example of a customer wishing to acquire an audio headset: he first searches for the product on his smartphone, goes to an electronics store to try it on, then confirms his purchase on a laptop computer.

Video Marketing

85% of consumers want to watch videos published by brands. They consume an incredible number of videos on all platforms, from Tik-tok to YouTube.

Consumers would rather watch a short, informative video than read a detailed article. Marketers using data-driven marketing include videos in their marketing mix: 93% say that videos are an essential part of their marketing efforts and plan to invest more in video marketing in the future.


One hundred five million American adults regularly listen to podcasts. That’s nearly one in three Americans, which is growing every month.

With the advent of podcasts, brands can no longer afford to overlook this digital marketing services. Even Google displays podcast episodes in its search engine results pages. Squarespace is a perfect example, as this company was an early adopter of podcast advertising.

Identify a podcast whose listener profile is as close as possible to that of your target audience (for example, to reach a vegan audience, choose podcasts on plants instead and carefully avoid those on the barbecue)

Listening To Social Networks

Three out of four businesses end up failing. But why exactly? One of the main reasons is that these companies could not understand what their audience wanted. As a result, 75% of businesses closed their doors during their first 15 years of existence because they could not serve their target customers as they should have.

If your marketing strategy isn’t working, modify your toolkit accordingly. Social media listening is one of the latest digital marketing services your business should consider.

Social media listening is about monitoring what customers say, understanding their conversations, and gleaning valuable insights that will re-energize your business.

Listen to customer discussions on social media platforms about your brand and what they think of your industry as a whole. Then, use all this data to implement more effective marketing strategies. Over 50% of marketers have added social media listening to their toolbox.


Digital marketing services are overgrowing; it is also becoming the principal mode of marketing. As a result, the business here grows faster and reaches most people. In addition, it provides the business provides tremendous success.