E-business and internet technology are growing at a rapid pace. E-business is the future of the industry. Many people are busy with their routine lives and don’t find time for shopping. So, it allows the business to grow online, i.e., e-business

What Is E-business?

The pursuit of e-business (or e-business) is not just about creating a website. E-business is when we use Internet technology to facilitate the purpose of business. Sometimes we talk about e-commerce or e-commerce instead. In this guide, e-commerce refers to buying and selling products and services over the Web, while e-business will refer to a broader range of electronic activities.

E-business To Promote Your Business To Customers

You can promote your business through your website or advertising on other websites. This section will allow you to assess whether your web presence would benefit your business.

Establish A Web Presence For Customers

The checklist below will help you assess whether you are ready to establish a customer web presence.

  • Expand the customer base beyond the local market.
  • My competitors have websites.
  • Having a website can be a competitive advantage.
  • My clients ask me if I have a website.
  • My clients regularly ask me for information about my company.
  • Effectively provide information about my activities and my products.
  • I am looking for new marketing strategies.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Improve the credibility of my business for potential customers.
  • I want to make contact details for my business more accessible.
  • My clients use social media.
  • If you agree with the points above, ask yourself if your business is ready to establish a web presence.

E-business To Meet Business-To-Business Needs

You can use e-business (e-business) to facilitate relationships with other businesses through better access to information on activities, products, and services. It could reduce your supply costs.

If you agree with any of the points below, you might consider buying from your suppliers online.

  • My suppliers have websites and e-commerce solutions.
  • Other companies of the same type carry out e-commerce activities.
  • There is an e-business market (i.e., websites hosted by companies or industries) that could reduce my procurement costs.

Information About Internet Technologies

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are text files stored on the user’s computer when visiting a website. It uses so-called session cookies, which are immediately deleted when the browser is closed. It allows you, for example, to conveniently enjoy the cross-site shopping cart display, in which you can see how many items are currently in your shopping cart and how high your current purchase value is. Personal data are not contained in these text files.

In addition, it also uses cookies that are used beyond the session (“cross-session cookies”). These also do not contain any address data (such as your name, e-mail address, etc.) or other personal data, but the following information

  • name of our website
  • date of your visit
  • marketing information
  • further technical data
  • a character string that is not attributable to you
  • Date the cookie was first created


The marketing and business are pretty much online. If the company is not online in today’s era, it can’t last long. The longer the business stays, the better profit it earns. Internet technologies bring ease to the customer as well as the business person.