In this article, you can learn how to download YouTube mp3. YouTube is more than just a video-sharing site. The video-sharing platform also includes an extensive collection of music, sound effects, and songs. They also have multiple channels where many artists upload their beautiful harmonies.

So you’re in the right place, whether you’re a video creator looking for royalty-free (non-copyright) music or want to download any soundtrack to listen to at your leisure. We can introduce you to different ways to download music from YouTube easily, according to the source on the website

Download YouTube MP3

Download YouTube MP3

We can use an MP3 converter to download different songs or music from YouTube. YouTube also has a premium paid subscription that allows you to use YouTube Music and enjoy most of the music present in the YouTube library. Even you can also play YouTube videos in the background. But if you don’t want to spend money on this subscription, we introduce you to easy ways to download any music for free. So let’s start

How to Download YouTube MP3 on a PC

How to Download YouTube MP3 on a PC

Although several websites allow you to convert YouTube videos to any audio format, many do not work or contain questionable ads and links infected with malware. Currently, MP3 is the most popular audio format in the world, so we will guide you through downloading only this format without malware. Unfortunately, YouTube websites have no way of converting videos to audio files. Instead, it would help if you had a third-party program and software to do this. Now let’s look at one of the most popular websites called YT1s.

  • Open your favorite YouTube video and copy the Link to this page. You can do this by selecting the full Link for this video and then picking Copy.
  • Next, open the YT1 website and click YouTube in the Mp3 section located on the top tab.
  • Paste the Link to your video into the blank space and click Convert MP3.
  • Now click on the green tab that says Get Link.
  • Click Download. Your audio file will now be downloaded.

So, with this simple method, you can easily download any YouTube video and convert it to an MP3 file on your Windows PC or Mac.

How to Download YouTube MP3 on Android and Smartphone

With the help of the Snaptube app, you can also easily download any YouTube video and convert it to an MP3 file. Although the app is unavailable on Google Play Store, you can download it from Snaptube’s official website. But first, let’s look at all the steps to follow.

  • Open the Snaptube website and click Download.
  • After downloading the APK file, you will be prompted to request all permissions before installing the app.
  • Once the app is installed, open the app and open the YouTube tab.
  • Next, locate each video you want to download the music from. After opening the video, click Download.
  • Then you will get many video download options, like music or video. Play your favourite audio format.

The app will now download your audio file. You can listen to or use this music file without interruption

How to Download YouTube MP3 on iPhone

How to Download YouTube MP3 on iPhone

For any iPhone or iOS-based device, you can easily download and convert any YouTube video to MP3 via FoxFM offline video player. But first, let’s look at all the steps to follow.

  • Open the App Store on your Apple iPhone and search for the FoxFM app. You can also open the official page of the application from this Link.
  • Next, open the app on the left side of the app window and click Browser. After opening the Browser, open
  • After opening the YouTube home page, open your favourite video.
  • After opening the video, you will be given several options. Select Download.
  • You get multiple video qualities and an MP3 audio format to choose from. Click MP3 to download this video directly as an audio file.

The music file is now saved in the download area of the FabFM app. Open that file from the “Downloads” tab and select “Share” to save the file to your Apple iPhone. Moreover, iPhone users can also use the YT1 website mentioned above and download any video from Safari by following all these steps.

Download MP3 from YouTube via YouTube Music

You can also download and listen to all the soundtracks and music available on YouTube through the YouTube Music platform. The application of this service also allows you to download any songs for offline playback, but only with a YouTube Premium subscription. There are different plans for the premium subscription, which can be viewed here. Now let’s see all the steps to follow.

  • Open the YouTube Premium website and choose a plan according to your preference.
  • Once you have purchased the subscription, open the YouTube music app or website. The download link for Android and iOS platforms is here.
  • With a subscription activated, YouTube allows you to download any songs or audio offline with a download option.

YouTube Music lets you search for music by different artists, albums, and genres on YouTube. When you select your favourite artists, the app creates a playlist with recommended channels, and popular videos are provided through a hot videos list. In addition, the app remembers the songs and media you’ve been listening to so you can listen to them again. You can also create your collection of favourite songs. With a paid YouTube Premium subscription, you can remove ads, download mp3 music for offline listening, and play mp3 music in the background while using your device.


The desire to listen to songs regardless of the internet connection is always in our hearts. In such a situation, knowing how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format easily and safely can be helpful. Furthermore, understanding the features of this process helps us obtain the services and benefits we can.

It is also essential to understand the responsibilities of such conversations and act accordingly. YouTube is a go-to app for content/music creators to upload their latest releases. Many genres are coming back to life, and new genres are being born in this digital age. The above steps will help you enjoy great music and audio. We want to help you have a good time. Have fun while listening.

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