Neck pain is not often a serious medical condition. However, it can be distressing particularly when it is chronic. Your head gets support from the neck. As a result, the neck is vulnerable to harm. You can find physical therapy near me for help. But first, check out some sources of pain, prevention methods and types of physical therapy for your condition.

Sources of Pain

Injuries and pain can result from compression of the nerves, injuries from car accidents, muscle strain, worn joints and sometimes disease. Oftentimes, the pain increases while working at a computer, driving, or simply holding your head up for long periods. Decreased mobility and even headaches occur when you have neck pain. Spasms and muscle tightness may also result from this pain. Always contact your physician first if your pain is severe and is leading to issues other than disomfort in your neck.

Steps for Prevention

There are steps you can take to try to prevent discomfort in your neck. Good posture is essential. Keep your head up and look straight ahead instead of looking down when viewing your devices. Hold your shoulders in alignment with your hips and ears over your shoulders. These steps help ensure your posture is appropriate.

Adjust your chair so that you are sitting with your hips just above your knees. Remember to take breaks periodically if you sit at a desk for long periods. Avoid using your shoulders to carry heavy bags. Your sleep position also matters. Always keep active because this helps keep your body healthy.

Unfortunately, there are times when you may not be able to avoid an injury to your neck. However, you don not have to continue to suffer from this pain and immobility. There is help available to relieve the pain. Physical therapy for your neck is a great option.

Passive Neck Physical Therapy

Passive exercises help improve the range of motion in your neck. Your therapist uses gentle exercises to move your joints and muscles. In this type of therapy, you will not exert any physical effort.

When used consistently, this therapy encourages and enhances blood flow to the injured area. Keep in mind, you have to be present and focus on the therapy for maximum improvement. Your therapist may start your sessions with passive physical therapy and then move on to active physical therapy.

Active Neck Physical Therapy

Exercises in active physical therapy demand you to focus and use effort in order to make the necessary movements. The exercise plan developed by your therapist helps improve your range of motion and strengthen the injured muscles.

Exercises used in active physical therapy include stretching, resistance training, strengthening exercises and maybe even some light aerobic exercises. With this, you will gain mobility and strength in the injured area.

To maintain your workouts when you are not working with your therapist, you may need to perform some homework. It is critical to follow the instructions provided to gain the most benefit.

There is no reason to suffer from your pain. Regain your life and activities of daily living pain-free. Find physical therapy Raleigh NC to get you on your way.