Embed Google Reviews – Google is one of the largest growing companies in recent times. It is the best-ranked search engine because of its safe search and countless articles. The google bot is so advanced that it catches all the copied content and doesn’t allow it to be indexed. Here we mainly focus on how you can integrate your Google Rating with the help of a widget on your website. So it’s all about the first point – Showing customers on your website that your company is trustworthy. So, the conversion rate increases, and you generate more sales.

Show Stars In Google Search

It’s a bit confusing, but you have to generally distinguish between 3 different types of stars in Google searches. Here are the two most important ones:

Embed Google Reviews – My Business

These Google Stars come from the Google My Business entry of the respective business. Studies show that they are essential for local searches, as they are displayed directly and have a decisive influence on the position in the so-called local pack. Therefore, not only the score plays a role, but also the number and age of the ratings.

In a brand search, i.e., a direct search for the business’s name, the stars from the Google My Business profile usually also appear. Here’s an example:

In this article, we’ll focus specifically on Google My Business reviews. The ratings and the rating score can be displayed on your website using the widget that we will present below. Also, if you have a local business, they are the “top stars.”

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Structured Data On The Website

These stars also appear for search terms that Google does not recognize as local searches. Again, it is because they come from so-called structured data, from which Google generates rich snippets. In this case, the displayed score is drawn from the schema types Local Business or Organization and Aggregate Rating.

However, there was a significant change in September 2019 – Google will no longer display these stars for location and company ratings in the future. These stars are already no longer displayed in the search on many websites.

Depending on the website structure and offer, the product scheme, in particular, can be an alternative so that these stars continue to appear in a Google search. Even if the product doesn’t have five stars – the stars in the Google search results (SERP) increase the click-through rate, i.e., the number of clicks by users to whom the entry was displayed.

Seller Ratings – Embed Google Reviews

The third type of star is more memorable and irrelevant for most companies. We list them anyway. These stars, displayed in Google Ads, are based on so-called seller ratings. We explain below how to participate in seller ratings.

Now we come to how we integrate the Google My Business reviews on our website.

Display Embed Google Reviews On The Website

Target box offers a straightforward way that does not require any special connection. For example, you can choose whether the stars should be displayed as a floating widget or stand in a fixed place as a badge.

The integration takes about 10 minutes. To embed the stars on your website, you must enter the java script code from our widget. Explanation step by step

  • First, you have to register with the Target box.
  • The rating widget starts with the Basic plan. So choose this or a higher tariff.
  • In the “Promote Customer Satisfaction” tab, you will find the “Rating Widget” option.
  • Click “Install” for the type of widget included with your plan.
  • You can select between the types “Floating Widget” and “Badge Widget” or both in the pop-up window. Depending on the selection, the code displayed in the right-hand column changes.
  • Now copy the code for the widget to your clipboard as shown in the screenshot.
  • Last but not least, paste the code you just copied into the <body> part of every page where you want to display the rating widget.

Google Seller Ratings

Another, but somewhat complicated, integration directly from Google is also interesting for large online shops. Google’s seller ratings as part of the merchant program. Both physical items and services offer for participation. As a merchant, you only need to be able to enter an expected delivery date for the things you provide in the order confirmation module.

Example of a review request from Google Seller Ratings. A brief overview of the steps

  • Create a Merchant Center account at merchants.google.com
  • Sign the Google Customer Reviews Program Agreement
  • Technical link: Google’s poll opt-in module needs to be installed.


Embed Google Reviews – Integrating Google stars on your website is essential to attracting more customers to your company and your products. There is a modest and effective way to present your rating on your website with the Target box widget.