Sonic secret menu: Sonic is the best spot to satisfy your craving for fast food. However, not many people know the sonic secret menu and even fewer know what is on it.

I’m here to reveal the truth to you. Ask for the sonic secret menu the next time you’re in the restaurant or at the drive-through to gain access to it. Many beautiful foods on Sonic’s secret menu aren’t offered on the regular menu.

The Frito Pie, the Dr Pepper Orgasm, and Pickle-o’s are on Sonic’s secret  menu. The sonic secret menu also includes the finest tots you’ve ever tasted, hot dogs, and sandwiches created to order.

Dr. Pepper Orgasm – Sonic Secret Menu

Dr. Pepper Orgasm - Sonic Secret Menu

Okay, so the name is probably not family-friendly, but it will undoubtedly make your tongue explode with pleasure. One of their numerous tasty cocktails that will make you love every last sip is the Sonic secret menu item, Dr Pepper Orgasm. Besides the name, the drink’s blend of Dr Pepper, Powerade, and Lemonade is fairly palatable. Ask for a “Dr Pepper Orgasm” or a drink combining Lemonade, Powerade, and Dr Pepper to purchase this item from the Sonic secret menu.

Grilled Ham & Cheese – Sonic Secret Menu

You are seriously missing out if you enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches but have never had a grill-ham-and-cheese sandwich from the Sonic secret menu list. The Sonic secret menu’s Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwich is made with a slice of delectable Sonic Ham and excellent melted cheese, making it a more satisfying sandwich for your stomach’s hunger needs. So, ask for a Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich or a Grilled Cheese sandwich with a slice of Ham inside if you want to eat one of these delectable meals. Of course, you can request as many pieces of Ham as you would like.

Sonic Sunrise – Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic is renowned for having a huge selection of drinks on its regular menu, and the secret menu is no exception. This concoction contains orange juice and Sonic’s renowned cherry limeade. It will intended to resemble the appearance and hues of a stunning sunrise.

A chilled drink like the Sonic Sunrise is ideal for unwinding on a hot summer day. Consider it a non-tequila variant of a Tequila Sunrise cocktail. That makes it a fantastic choice for both children and adults.

Made-to-Order Burgers

This excellent  secret menu item order is extraordinary because it depends entirely on how you like your burger to look and what ingredients you want it to have. It allows you to choose everything you and your stomach can tolerate starting at the base of two buns, all from scratch. Ask for one of the burgers already on Sonic’s menu if it all becomes too much. If you want to order a made-to-order burger, you must request a burger with all the elements you wish, from the meat to the cheese.

Sonic Purple Sprite

A Purple Sprite isn’t typical, as everyone is aware of. So what gives the Sonic “secret menu” Purple Sprite its purple colour? The Powerade, lemonade, Sprite, and cranberry juice mixture is pleasantly cooling. So grab something from the  Secret Menu, like this vibrant purple Sprite, when it’s hot outside, and you need something cold to quench your thirst.

You can find a complete list of all the secret menus from all your favourite restaurants on our home page, so be sure to visit there as well as the  Secret Menu.

Frito Pie

Frito Pie is a delectable pie from the Sonic secret menu, despite not being sweet. When you place this straightforward order with Sonic, you get a stack of Fritos chips topped in tasty chilli and nacho cheese. Ask for a “Frito Pie” or request a pile of Frito chips covered in nacho cheese and chilli to order the “Frito Pie.”

Extreme Popcorn Chicken

Extreme Popcorn Chicken

Everyone like popcorn chicken, but I’m confident you’ve never had it like this.

Chilli and nacho cheese sprinkls on top of Sonic’s extreme popcorn chicken. You only need to order a side of ranch to get started.

This version of Sonic’s standard popcorn chicken is even more crispy and juicy than the original. Which you may already be familiar with.

The chicken is perfectly cooked and dusted with various spices and flavours. So naturally, it becomes messy, but in a friendly way, thanks to the chilli and nacho cheese.


If you enjoy freebies, download the Sonic App to take advantage of its promotions, discounts, and half-price drinks. Frequently, ordering via mobile gets you a FREE item.

I adore Sonic’s mobile ordering because it’s so simple to check in—all you have to do is pull your car into a parking spot, just like you would for a conventional order. Very simple!