Gulab Groundnut Oil – Groundnuts are one of the significant sources of oil extraction. In India, groundnut oil is most preferable. It has vast benefits and is mainly available in local areas. In addition, it doesn’t cost much compared to the other oil.

The primary sector of people in the middle class and the cost-efficient products are always beneficial. However, the main objective of the companies is to provide the product at a reasonable price.

Gulab Foods

Gulab foods, in other words, is represented as Pankaj Industries. The brand’s main objective is to provide a good source and a well-manufactured product. We at Gulab Oils believe food should nurture the heart, make the tummy happy and inspire the soul. Our team at Gulab Oils has been working on this mission for the past 25 years! We have created the most refined edible oils that give you good health with every drop of oil for you to indulge without guilt.

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Gulab Oil Price 15kg I Gulab Groundnut Oil Price 15kg Today

gulab oil price 15kg

Gulab Oils is one of the most trusted names in Gujarat & Western India and is expanding every minute across India with the policy of Quality First. The wide range of edible oil variants has made Gulab Oils a market leader, a position it has enjoyed for almost two decades. At the time (1992) when Gulab Oils entered the market, which was already a saturated one, it was a mammoth task, but the dynamic man behind Gulab Oils had strong determination & vision.

Their Vision

Mr. Mukesh Nathwani hails from the small town of Mangrol in the Junagadh district of Gujarat, where the legacy of Gulab Oils was born. However, this young man from a small town rose to the challenge and everyone was amazed by his excellent business acumen, quality policy, innovation and promise to bring good health with every drop of oil. . His goal was simple: Indians should get the best cooking oil at affordable prices.

Gulab Oil Price 15kg

Today, with 8 oil variants and the support of over 20 Lakh families, we are a testimony. Change is necessary and inevitable with changing times, and we are committed to change forever. As the 21st generation joins the Gulab team, there is more passion, personality and promise to serve nutritious and healthy cooking oils across India. Our recipe for healthy cooking oils is about redefining stereotypes, innovating and creating a profound difference in the marketplace.Double Filtered 15kg [Gulab Groundnut Oil], For Home at Rs 2930/tin in Rajkot.

Groundnut Oil 15 kg Price

Gulab Foods provide many products in the market, and groundnut oil is also one of the products. The Gulab groundnut oil 15kg price is Rs. 2919 on the Jio mart. In addition, the India mart provides it for Rs. 2710. However, different dealers offer different prices. The price is mainly around Rs. 2800 to Rs. 3000.


Gulab Groundnut oil is a healthy oil and is also in use for years. It proves to be beneficial because it is available in common in the local areas. The different dealers change the price range depending on the market’s demand. However, there won’t be a drastic change unless the government implies a different set of rules.

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