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20-855801-00001 was designed to be a fully immersive and realistic training simulator for medical personnel. The product is manufactured by a company called Medical Simulation Corporation based in the United States.

Simulators are life-size mannequins that have been designed to look like real people. Some different settings can be used with a manikin, including hospital, ambulance and home settings. The simulator can be used for various medical procedures, such as CPR, intubation, and intravenous insertion.

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Weight (lbs) 0.3
Length (inch) 15.85
Width (inch) 8.6
Height (inch) 1.15
Parts Category Decals Labels Overlays

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Hobart enjoys the trust of many customers across the country. Hobart manufactures reliable, quality equipment, but even the best equipment needs repair at some point. Our collection of Hobart genuine OEM parts will ensure you complete your repairs on time and minimize equipment downtime.

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We think we’ve got it covered and ready to ship the size and variety of our inventory, whatever you need to track down. Need equipment, or maybe a pump? No problem. We have these parts in stock and many other components, such as seals, switches and even small details such as nuts and washers.

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