Car Repair Advertising Ideas, What are three car shop marketing ideas to retain customers?

Advertising ideas for auto repair:

  • Automotive advice blog
  • Social network
  • Announcement of coupons
  • customer references
  • Customer Loyalty Program

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As of the end of 2017. Two hundred and twenty-nine thousand auto repair shops are still in process in the United States. This figure is still the same as ten years ago and is expected to continue to increase regardless of economic conditions.

Here’s another stat: Americans own 272.48 million vehicles. That’s an incredible number of cars and trucks, but the average shop only sees 22 vehicles a week. With many cars never making it to mechanics, auto shop owners cannot be inactive in their marketing efforts.

Participants lurk, waiting to take your customers and industry growth. More competitors will appear. Auto shop owners have to work hard to retain customers and attract new ones.

Here are three auto repair shop marketing ideas that will not only keep customers coming back, but also grow your business:

  1. Automotive Advice Blog

It’s 2018. Managing a website for your business is still very simple. Maintaining and updating this website is a challenge faced by auto shop owners. Car Repair Ad Ideas One way to drive guests to your site is to create a car advice blog.

If the content you produce provides immediate value to your subscribers, they are more likely to reappearance to your website and maybe even subscribe. This allows you to notify them of special offers, educate them about your vehicle, and remind them of the services their car needs (more on that last point later).

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  1. Social networks

Just as your website is an integral part of marketing your auto shop, so is establishing a social media presence. Consistent Facebook posts are always important to show your listeners that you’re open and ready to help your customers.

Pick a time and stick to it, so your followers (and eventually your followers) know when to expect new content from you. Although you can post at a reliable time daily or weekly. The potential of the types of content you publish remains unlimited:

Customer Recommendation

Useful maintenance tips and recommendations

Record information for major car manufacturers

Auto Repair Advertising Ideas can inspire active conversations. People can comment on your posts or send messages directly to your page. Your store should have someone dedicated to answering these questions quickly. The faster you respond, the more likely the prospect is to get the response they need and drive their ass (along with their car) into your store.

The best of all. Social media packages can be relatively inexpensive. It just takes consistency and regular attention.

an increase in the average number of repair orders

  1. Coupon Ads

Coupons provide a low cost, high exposure option that attracts new customers and reminds existing customers of your excellent service. Offers you can use include:

  • Half oil change
  • Free oil change with emission/safety test
  • Free oil change with any repair over a certain dollar amount
  • Free/discounted tire rotation with purchase of other services
  • Certain dollar amounts for certain services (for example, setting up a $25 discount)
  • A certain percentage of billing overhead
  • The key to successful coupons is getting them to the right people. Printing a promotional ribbon on the back of a grocery receipt provides a transparent and cost-effective means of shipping.

Since your auto shop coupons stay on the back of your local grocery store receipt, you’ll hand them out again and again to the people most likely to use your services. This method not only targets the local customers you want to attract, but fits into any auto shop’s marketing budget (reaching 1,000 customers can be done for as little as $6).