Nokia Keypad Phone – Nokia is one of the oldest brands of mobile phones in the market. It is notable for offering efficient battery life and rugged exterior body. Nokia has made a name for itself in the market and has established itself to dominate the market. It has been the leading brand for years in terms of market capitalization and brand value.

Now, as the demand for 4g mobiles is increasing, it also started manufacturing them. As a result, many Nokia keypad phone 4g mobiles are on the market. However, it depends on the models and the specific features each model provides.

Nokia Keypad Phone 225 4g

When we all thought basic mobiles were dead, which in other times had been the only ones that existed in the market, Nokia, its best ambassador, relaunched this segment of products with new designs and functions. A good example is this new Nokia 225 4G that is now on sale.

Feature phones have been relegated to developing countries. Still, few of us have opted for one of these mobiles as a second phone, mainly because of the comfort they offer for talking and the essential functions they have. Some phones do not share space with the latest brand latest releases

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A Basic Mobile With 4g Connectivity

This new classic Nokia phone was presented a couple of months ago, and it is now when its arrival in our country has been announced. Specifically, the Nordic firm has announced that the new Nokia 225 4G will go on sale next January in our country at 49.99 euros in black. It is pretty good if we consider that we are talking about a phone within its category. It could be viewed as a terminal with premium finishes.

A Compact And Versatile Mobile

Those are the keys that make this an exciting phone—starting with its Premium finish and curved back to promote a better grip. Moreover, because the new Nokia 225 4G is a phone that offers us complete compatibility with 4G networks, we will be able to enjoy the highest sound quality on voice calls. In addition, of course, it has a physical keyboard with separate function keys, with which it is possible to make faster dials and perform basic phone tasks much quicker and more directly. This phone has a 2.4-inch color screen with 240 × 320 pixels.

It also has a photo camera to share new snapshots through social networks, thanks to its 4G connectivity. Its high-quality keyboard allows for more precise and comfortable keystrokes with superior long-term performance. We can also enjoy an FM Radio that does not need cables or headphones to work. As usual in this device, the battery offers us excellent autonomy for several days with a capacity of 1150mAh. A phone in which we can play some outstanding titles, such as Crossy Road and Racing Attack. We can also access social networks such as Facebook on our web browser. In short, a perfect mobile for daily, with which we can do everything we expect from a quality phone.


The new series of Nokia keypad phone is helping it to develop and transform in the market. Of course, there are many giants in the market which are providing excellent features. However, it is also making specific changes to its devices to develop. Most importantly, it is maintaining the standard. It is famous for keypad mobiles with hard surfaces that provide excellent battery life.

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