Safe moon Reflection Calculator

Safe moon Reflection Calculator, Safe Moon fans woke up to great news from their favourite token. His reflexes, to date, have doubled in the last 24 hours.

Reflections are a way to incentivize MFS holders. Investors remain charged a 10% tax on every transaction on Safe Moon. The liquidity fund receives 5% of that tax, while the remaining 5% is redistributed or reflected among all holders. Safe Moon token holders receive reflections based on the number of SFM tokens they hold. The greater the number of coins, the greater the reflection

Many fans have accepted the increased highlights as a birthday present from Safe Moon, with March being their anniversary month. Although some were still waiting for his reflections, others clarified that there might be some flaw in the fiat wallet.

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What did Safe moon Reflection Calculator energy up?

Earlier last week, Safe Moon disabled more than 30 wallets, preventing them from receiving reflections. Among those wallets were some whale accounts, which remained suspiciously linked to the December 2021 Bit Mart hack. The tokens in these wallets may have received tickets in the form of reflections, which could be one of the key reasons for the increase in SFM reflections.

Additionally, the SFM team had asked users to remove their tokens from the Liquidity Pool on Safe moon Swap. This was considered “important” and not “optional”. The last date to do so was March 22. The remaining tokens could also have been redistributed among the holders, causing an increase in reflections.

Safe Moon also announced the launch of its cross-chain sharing utility on March 23. However, there have been no updates on this front yet. Their website remained hosted in a new home on their anniversary, i.e. March 2, 2022. SFM changed their website name from to

In adding to the primary Listings Coming up,

For example, regarding the Mandala listing, which has remained postponed due to technical reasons, Safe Moon has big plans for 2022. They plan to start with Operation Phoenix, where they want to merge power from wind turbines with nano technology and blockchain innovation. The team is currently in talks with the Gambian government to implement this initiative. Safe Moon Price Prediction: One Million Wallet Downloads

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Safe moon Reflection Calculator cryptocurrency coin logo, defocused stock market chart background, and virtual valuta concept. Safe Moon Price Prediction: One Million Wallet Downloads – Photo: Shutterstock

SFM, the token of decentralized finance (Defi) player Safe Moon, has plunged 16% today (May 11) to $0.00037. Meaning it has lost 88% of its worth this year.

This remains a sharp turn for the worse in what is already a long-running downtrend, a circumstances not helped by the launch of a class-action lawsuit in February accusing it of operating a pump-and-dump scheme.

The organization remains alleged to have used celebrities to lure investors with misleading promotions and statements, including the disguise of “its control over Safe Moon and a significant percentage of Safe Moon tokens that were available for public trading and the trading of Safe Moon tokens.” Safe Moon to investors so they could sell their Float shares for a profit.”

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So what remains Safe Moon’s vantage point?

We look at the latest SFM price prediction and projection. What is a plausible future price target for Safe Moon?

In our Safe Moon Price Prediction, we break down the Safe Moon news and forecast to help you manage expectations when considering the question, “Should I buy Safe Moon?”


Safe moon is a Defi token (decentralized finance token) that offers fractional cryptocurrency trading, blockchain-based loans, and commission-free exchanges. It is built on the Ethereum network. Safe Moon has three unique functions that take place during each trade; Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn. These features protect smart contracts from hacks and keep the contract environment safe.

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