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SAP consultants worldwide are looking to update their knowledge to learn more about the new version of SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite 4, on the HANA database, commonly called SAP S4Hana (or SAP S/4Hana). So what would you do to practice SAP S4Hana for free? Consultoria-SAP brings you the possibility thanks to our exclusive sponsor: “” You will have the opportunity to practice SAP S4Hana.

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What is SAP?

An SAP consultant is a specialist who helps companies locate the right software to meet their needs. SAP is an abbreviation for systems, requests and products, and most SAP consultants specialize in one or two areas within the field of data processing: functional or technical. Most SAP consultants who have experience in software development and programming focus on the technical side of SAP software. Consultants with a finance background generally focus on the functional site.

Not too long ago, while talking to an investment advisor from a central bank, I was asked a simple question about SAP that I couldn’t answer in a second: “What is SAP?” So let’s see, and SAP is… a system… it’s an ERP… but… how do we explain to someone who doesn’t know what we’re speaking about when we talk about SAP? Perhaps this episode of my life motivated me to create this initial course on SAP, which we call.

How to know if an invoice has been paid

Let’s analyze in this article what can be the ways to find out in SAP ERP how to know if an invoice is paid. Remember that our SAP Help community has thousands of questions answered; this article immortalizes frequent queries. Frequent query in SAP HELP in Spanish: One question, I am annoying to find out if an statement has been paid or not. Someone enlighten me. I appreciate any help you can provide. If you need help on SAP, we answer for free; join our forum…

Massive Update in SAP

SAP program users love to request automatic changes or something massive. They dream of doing all their work automatically, generating thousands of documents “by themselves” with a click, without thinking or typing a couple of words, much less doing calculations.

If materials, clients, suppliers, or the master data, they start to complain to the systems department because they have a lot of work and don’t have the time to modify the amount of master data they have.
Keyboard shortcut in SAP: how to copy certain elements

We will immortalize the most useful SAP keyboard shortcuts so that those followers of Consultoria-SAP know where they can find the best tips or tricks to make their work more efficient. In addition, today, we will emphasize how to copy some aspects of an SAP AL report.

How to connect Excel with SAP

Greetings, I need to know if someone knows how to connect from Excel to SAP; more detail would be if I can run a macro from an Excel file and click to SAP “in SAP I already logged in with my username and password” and open a new module in it which will execute a Script ivan11980 .

We have seen templates that use RFC and make a successful connection to SAP. They send all the info the function requests, and then the function knows what to do with that info. For example, I had a material load sheet. Another example, as explained.

This error occurs when the fiscal year changes (when SAP system administrators forget to open the new year). That is a widespread error. Let’s see how to solve it step by
SAP Finance Core Transactions
Do You Want To Work With The SAP Program In The Accounting Department Of A Company? Then This List Of Transactions
Document Classes In SAP FI
“The Document Class Is Used To Classify Accounting Documents. It Records In The Document.
SAP transactions
We Continue To Advance In The Introduction To SAP Course, And I’m Not Successful To Lie To You, Every Time We Sit Down To Want To Finish The Articles,
SAP PP Transactions
If You Are Working With The Production Planning Module, These Will Be Some Of The Transactions You Can Use
SAP WM Transactions
Many People Enter Companies That Use Material Management With Warehouses, So If You Are A Warehouse User, You Surely Use.

How to become an SAP consultant

Here are the basic steps you should take if you’re absorbed in pursuing a career as an SAP consultant:

1. Pursue a bachelor’s degree

SAP consultants typically must have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the position, although some may qualify with an associate’s degree and relevant experience. Start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. You may also want to consider taking business courses since SAP consultants often work closely with an organization’s financial department, streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies.

2. Pursue SAP training

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you should consider pursuing a structured training course that focuses on Basis, CRM, SD, MM or other functional or technical areas of expertise. It will help you decide which site of SAP consulting you want to specialize in. It will also give you the knowledge to offer accurate guidance to businesses.

Most training programs offer certification at the end. A certificate can help show potential employers that you have the level of understanding they need. It’s essential to help you obtain your first position as an SAP consultant. A certification typically becomes less important as you gain more hands-on experience in the role and can emphasize that experience on your resume and articulate it within interviews.

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3. Gain relevant experience

Before pursuing a role as an SAP consultant, it’s good to gain relevant experience in an office environment. For example, if you plan to pursue an SAP financial accounting consultant position, you should start by obtaining a job in the finance department. It will help you better understand the different processes used within a finance department and where improvements can be made.

Because of your SAP training, you will also see more clearly how SAP can support those processes.
Contingent on the amount of relevant work knowledge you have on your resume, you may need to start by pursuing an internship. It is an excellent option if you are still pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Look for companies that have implemented SAP already and inquire whether they accept interns.
If your degree is complete, another option for gaining experience is to join an IT consultancy firm. Firms like these often hire junior consultants, which would allow you to learn in a real-world environment while working closely alongside more senior-level consultants.

4. Consider a master’s

You may want to reflect pursuing a master’s degree to set yourself apart from other candidates applying for job openings for SAP consultants. Some bosses prefer to hire candidates who have advanced degrees in computer science or business administration, emphasizing information systems.

5. Gain consulting experience

Qualifying for SAP consulting positions can help to have experience as a consultant. Consider looking for a position as an SAP MM consultant or functional consultant.

Job description


At least two end-to-end planning implementations deploy as team lead positions (No. of Resources: 2 for Mumbai Location and 2 for Abu- Dhabi Location).

At least two end-to-end implementations on BPC 2 planning & 2 consolidations with ECTC.

I need to have at least 4- 5 years of experience in SAP BPC.

Good experience in Consolidation and Reporting as well.
RoleTechnical Lead
Industry TypeRecruitment / Staffing
Functional AreaEngineering – Software
Employment TypeFull Time, Permanent
Role CategorySoftware Development

Required certification


UG: B.Tech/B.E. in Computers
PG: Any Postgraduate

How much do SAP consultants get paid?


The national average salary for an SAP Consultant is ₹7,13,537 in India.
SAP’s highest-paid job?
End-user applications using SAP

Thus, there is a constant demand for qualified SAP consultants, making this the highest-paid job. As per the salary structure, it has been found that an average salary of INR 594,545 per annum earns by an SAP consultant.

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I am determining business needs via consultation, business analysis, and targeted observations.
They are assessing existing IT infrastructure and recommending improvements.
We are developing and configuring customized SAP solutions.
I was writing scripts and agendas to create user-friendly interfaces and enhanced functionalities.

We are deploying SAP solutions and ensuring smooth system integration.
We are providing SAP system support and end-user training.
I am performing rigorous certification of SAP processes and presenting progress reports.
They are ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
We are keeping abreast of the newest SAP offerings, updates, and developments.


An SAP consultant is a specialist who helps companies locate the right software to meet their needs. SAP is an abbreviation for systems, applications and products and most SAP consultants specialize in one or two areas within the field of data processing: functional or technical.

SAP Consulting:Most SAP consultants who have experience in software development and programming focus on the technical side of SAP software. Consultants with a finance background generally focus on the functional area.
SAP and software to meet the needs of their boss or consumer. They ensure that consultants are responsible for assessing, designing and configuring computer systems. The plans for the computer system are enhanced and work well for the end-users.

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