The modes of transportation connect different cities, states, countries, and continents. Modes of transportation help in connecting lives. The modes of transport of a company vary according to various factors, such as distance, the fragility of the cargo, place of delivery, etc. Among the main ones are the following techniques:

Railway Transport

Rail transport modes are good options for when there is a need to transport loads with large volumes, which have a container in a fixed location. That is why they are widely used to transport commodities such as steel, agricultural, iron ore derivatives, and oil.

Among the main advantage of this model is the low cost due to cheaper fuels, the safety in the transport of loads, and the low risk of accidents.

Road Transport

Freight transport by road carries out, as the name indicates, on highways by trucks and, sometimes, by cars. The routes, in this case, distributes from north to south of the countries, even if it is ideal for short distances. This mode also allows reasonable deadlines and the transport of various loads.

By investing in road transport, the company gains the advantage of easy contracting and little bureaucracy in issuing documentation. In addition, they can take advantage of government incentives and accessibility since these vehicles can reach more distant locations.

An interesting fact is that this mode of transport is responsible for 75% of the distribution of supplies in the Brazilian industry, one of the largest in Latin America, and where Polyexcel’s headquarters are located.

Water Transport

As well to the rail mode, water transport, which carries out the maritime movement, can transport a large volume over vast distances. But, for everything to go well, the cargo needs to be well allocated and have a longer delivery time.

This transport system has a low risk of robbery, theft, cargo damage, and other types of losses, in addition to standard freight costs. Another benefit is that, in conjunction with road transport, it guarantees more precision in the delivery of products.

Air Transport

The air method is part of one of the main modes of global transport. It offers agility for companies that must make long-distance deliveries, mainly when they have perishable products. It is also necessary for shipping high-cost goods.

What Is The Importance Of Modes Of Transportation?

Good logistics planning is essential to improve and optimize the results of a company’s operations. As each of the modes of transport has specific characteristics, managers must assess which of these options best heals the precisions of the business.

Another critical point is that, based on knowledge about the particularities of each technique. It is possible to diversify the means used for delivery. For this, it recommends to conduct an in-depth analysis of costs, types of cargo, delivery times, and operational risks.


Modes of transport play a vital role in the daily lifestyle. Any individual moving from one place to another needs access to transportation. The most common type of transportation is roadways. Different modes of transportation are necessary on certain different occasions.