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Coding Write for us

Coding Write for us

Coding Write for us – Coding is the act and the result of coding. This verb, for its part, can refer to modifying the expression of a message or registering something through the rules of a code. It can also refer to forming a body of laws as a system.

Character Encoding

Character encoding, in this framework, consists of transforming a character from the alphabet or another natural language (such as a syllabary) into a symbol belonging to another representation system. Through coding rules, for example, Morse code makes it possible to convert intermittent telegraphic signals into letters and numbers.

Encoding and Transmission

The definition of how encoded characters are transmitted through a communication channel, such as the Internet, is known as a transmission standard. Currently, messages are sent in packets of an integer number of octets; error detection is not performed with the eighth digit, but specific octets are allocated for this task.

The Concept in Law – Coding Write for us

In the field of law, codifications are legal compilations that are used to administer justice.

A civil code and a penal code are the results of a codification process. These codes order and systematize the norms and classify the crimes, eliminating legal loopholes and redundancies.

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What is Encoding? – Coding Write for us

Coding is gathering data segments that illustrate an idea or concept (represented in your project as nodes). In this way, coding is a way of abstracting from existing data in your resources to build a greater understanding of the forces at work.

In NVivo, coding involves identifying references to your resources’ different ideas, concepts or categories and linking them to the nodes representing them.

Why do I Need to Encode my Resources?

Coding the content of your resources can make an essential contribution to your analysis in several ways:

  • Coding Generates Ideas
  • As you code material from your resources, it is possible to interpret passages and discover new meanings in the data.
  • Coding allows you to collect and view all material relating to a category or case across all your resources.
  • Viewing this material allows you to review the coded segments in context and create new, more refined categories as you gain new insights into what the data means.
  • Coding your resources makes it easy to find patterns and theories.
  • It is possible to traverse the coded content of your resources using queries and search functionality to test theories and find new patterns in your data.

What is Data Coding in Research?

Data coding in research is one of the most significant steps to adequately treat the information collected and answer the research questions correctly.

In this article, we will present to you what this process consists of, what types of encoding exist, how to encode data effectively, and what tools you can use to optimize it as much as possible.

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What is Data Coding? – Coding Write for Us

The data coding in an investigation consists of the process in which the categories on which the data to be addressed are defined. Generally, this process is used to perform data analysis in qualitative research.

Coding is a process that consists of identifying a passage of text or other data (photographs, images, etc.), searching for and remembering concepts, and finding relationships between them. Therefore, coding is not just labelling; it relates the data to the research idea and other data.


CodingCoding data is assigning numbers to the observed or recorded modalities of the variables that make up the database and giving a code (numerical value) to the missing values ​​(those that have not been registered or observed). Example: If the database includes the variable Sex, one number must be assigned to women and another to men.

How is manual data encoding done? – Coding Write for us

The general process that you must follow in manual research data coding can be summarized in these 5 steps:

  • Choose whether to use deductive or inductive coding.
  • Read the data to get an impression of ​​what it looks like.
  • Assigns the first set of codes.
  • Go through the data line by line to encode as much as possible. In this step, the codes should be more detailed.
  • Categorize the codes and find out how they fit into the coding framework.
  • Identify the topics that appear the most and act accordingly.

Types of manual data coding in an investigation – Coding Write for us

As we previously mentioned, there are two types of manual data coding: deductive and inductive. Now we will introduce you to what each one consists of.

Deductive data encoding

Deductive coding is a method in which a codebook is produce as a reference to guide the coding process. Generally, the codebook is develop before the field investigation and data collection phase begins.

Inductive data encoding

It is applied when there is little knowledge about the subject of the investigation. In this case, you don’t have a code book but build from scratch from the data.

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Steps to perform an inductive coding – Coding Write for us

  1. Divide your qualitative data set into smaller samples.
  2. Read a sample of the data.
  3. Create codes that cover the sample.
  4. Reread the sample and apply the codes.
  5. Read a new data sample, applying the codes you created for the first sample.
  6. See where the codes don’t match or where you need extra codes.
  7. Create new codes created on the second sample.
  8. Recode all responses.
  9. Repeat step 5 till you have encoded all the data.

Why is it Necessary to Code Qualitative Data?

Coding qualitative data makes messy information quantifiable and helps convince stakeholders that the data you’ve collected reflects users’ needs and wants.

Codes in qualitative research are just as important as numbers in a quantitative study, as they provide credibility when presenting results to teams, clients, and stakeholders.

An important aspect that you must consider is that the data coding in an investigation done manually or automatically. We will present each one below.

How is Automated Research Data Coding Done?

Automated data coding uses tools such as qualitative data analysis software that use machine education, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing to qualitative code data and break the text into topics.

Get to know the QuestionPro tools to code your data

The data coding process in an investigation requires meticulous work that can be done manually and automatically.

QuestionPro has text and content analysis software that will allow you to automatically code qualitative research data, saving valuable work time and resources assigned to this task.

Encoding and Decoding

Encoding is transforming one type of information into another without losing any information in this transformation. To know what the encoded message means, it is necessary to decode it and obtain the original message. In this way, we will not be able to understand what the news is if we do not know the code. Our decoding software will allow us to transform the sound we receive via radio back into the original image.

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