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You Are Welcome to Health Write For Us

You Are Welcome to Health Write For Us


Health Write For Us – Being healthy should be a part of your overall lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can help avoid chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good and taking care of your health are important for self-esteem and self-image. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing what’s right for your body.

What is Health?

In 1948, the (WHO) World Health Organization defined the trusted source of health in a phrase still used by modern authorities. “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of disease or infirmity.”

In 1986, the WHO clarified further: “A resource for everyday life, not the objective of life. Health is a positive concept that emphasizes social and personal help and physical capabilities.

This means that health is a source to support an individual’s role in society at large and not an end in itself. A healthy lifestyle provides the means to live a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose.

In 2009, researchers publishing in The Lancet defined health as the body’s ability to adapt to new threats and ailments.

They base this meaning on the idea that modern science has made significant advances in understanding diseases in recent decades, how they work, determining new ways to slow or halt them, and recognizing that the absence of pathology may not be possible.

Types of Health

Mental and physical health are arguably the two most discussed types of health.

Spiritual, emotional, and also financial health which contributes to overall health. Medical experts have linked these to lower stress levels and improved mental and physical well-being.

For example, people with better financial health have fewer worries and can buy fresh groceries more regularly. People in good mental health may experience a sense of calm and purpose that promotes good mental health.

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Why to Write for Us – Health Write For Us

Why to Write for Us – Health Write For Us

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Guidelines of the Article – Health Write For Us

Guidelines of the Article – Health Write For Us

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