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The Smartphone you have, the iPhone

Apple Trade In makes it easy to trade in any eligible smartphone for instant credit for a new iPhone. Just answer a few questions about the make, model, and condition. We will provide trade-in value to lower the price of the new iPhone. And when we ship your new iPhone, we’ll send the exchange right to your door.

How Much your Current Smartphone is Worth?


iPhone 13 Pro Max Up to ₹58730.00
iPhone 13 Pro Up to ₹55535.00
iPhone 13 Up to ₹41600.00
iPhone 13 mini Up to ₹36580.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max Up to ₹44500.00
iPhone 12 Pro Up to ₹41500.00
iPhone 12 Up to ₹31130.00
iPhone 12 mini Up to ₹22500.00
iPhone SE (2nd generation) Up to ₹12000.00

iPhone Swaps

Advancement your Phone with our instant swap. You receive a professionally restored iPhone, and we’ll find a new home for your old device. Determine your eligibility to start.

What is Swapping?

iphone swapping

Swapping is the European technology leader in restored iPhones. By workwise upgrading all devices from our factory and selling directly, we can offer iPhones that work like new ones at a much lower price. Like buying new, iPhones from Swappie come with a full warranty, fast shipping, and world-class customer service.

How to Switch iPhones Without Losing a Thing?

Stuff on your iPhone wasn’t a big deal before the smartphone era. These days, it’s practically the plot of a Netflix horror film. Are you wondering how to successfully replace your iPhone or iPad without losing anything? If you want to upgrade (it’s the best iPhone to buy right now), it’s easy to do. Your photos, contacts, videos, message history, music, calendar, email accounts and many applications can all be transferred from your old device to your new one.

  • Backup Your Old iPhone or iPad
  • Swap SIMs or Activate eSIM
  • Turn On Your New Device
  • Restore Your Backup
  • Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Connection Is Stable

Swapping refurbishes iPhones at their Helsinki facility

That Finnish company Swappie sells refurbished phones from their facilities in Helsinki? The telephones that arrive at the establishment pass through the hands of several experts before attainment the customer.

Why It’s Smarter To Buy A Refurbished iPhone Rather Than A New One?

iphone swapping apple

It’s more affordable

The price is one of the most beautiful aspects of buying a refurbished iPhone. New phones aren’t for everyone’s budget, and you can explore more budget-friendly options by opting for a refurbished phone. There are many models and four main condition categories to choose from new, very good and fair.

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Restored phones can have a longer lifespan than you think

Refurbished phones have a shorter lifespan than new phones. It all depends on how the phone was updated. A great example of the shocking lifespan of an updated iPhone is the iPhone 6s. It was released in 2015 and its popularity continues today. You might expect a five-year-old model to struggle to work, but not once we worked it was magic.

Offer an extended and comprehensive warranty

iPhone several years, we can offer you total and complete security. All of our phones, regardless of condition, are backed by 1-year Swappie warranty, which bounces you the same protection as buying a new phone.

How to Sell Your Old iPhone?

The Complete Director to Selling Your iPhone to Swapping

If you’re considering selling your old iPhone, you’re in good company. More and more people are selling their old phones to take full advantage of the return on their initial investment and save our atmosphere. But if this is your first time trade a used phone, you probably have a long list of questions.


Google today announced that provision for the Switch to Android app on iOS is progressing out to all Android 12 smartphones, meaning iPhone users can now take advantage of the app transfer feature to upgrade to any device that supports Android 12.

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