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Information Technologies Write for usInformation Technologies Write for us: Information technology (IT) is the process of creating, storing, transmitting, and perceiving information and the methods of applying those processes. Many equate the concept with computer technology because it has developed more rapidly along with it.

Although the concept of information technology is considered identical to the ideas of computers and computer networks, the image of IT cannot be limited to computers.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology is a process that uses a combination of means and methods of data collection, processing and transmission to obtain new quality information about the state of an object, technique or phenomenon. The purpose of information technology is the production of data for analysis by people and decision-making based on it to act.

Network, the use of IT cannot be limited to computers.

Information technology is made up of components such as:

  • Software: application and system tools
  • Organizational and methodological support
  • computer hardware

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What are Information Technology Tools?

Information technology tools are computer technologies that search, process and transmit information.

Computer tools are of three types:

  • Computational: automated devices for collecting and processing information
  • Organizational: different kinds of teams perform technical tasks
  • Equipment communication: laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The average person uses only communication devices in everyday life. Computer and organizational devices are designed for IT professionals to solve important tasks.

Characteristics of information technology:

  • User operation in data process mode (no programming), the user must not know and remember but must see (output devices) and act (input devices).
  • Cross-information support at all stages of information transmission is supported by an integrated database, which offers a unique way of incoming, searching, showing, updating and defensive information.
  • Paperless document processing during which only the final version of the paper document is recorded; intermediate versions and the necessary data recorded on the media are delivered to the user via the PC display screen.
  • Interactive (dialogue) task solution mode offers the user a wide range of possibilities.
  • Collective production of a document based on a group of computers linked using communication
  • Adaptive dispensation of the form and modes of information presented in the problem-solving process

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Types of information technology

  • Information technology for data processing is designed to solve well-structure problems, the solution algorithms for which are well-known and for which all the necessary input data exist. This technology is apply to the performance level of low-skill staff to automate some routine and constantly repeat operations of administrative work.
  • Management information technology is intend for the information service of all employees of companies related to the acceptance of administrative decisions. In this case, the information is usually presented in regular or special management reports and contains information about the company’s past, present and possible future.
  • Automated office information technology complements the company’s existing staff communication system. Office automation assumes the organization and support of communication processes within the company and the external environment based on computer networks and other modern means of transferring and working with information.
  • Decision support information technology is design to develop a management decision that is produce as the result of an iterative process involving a decision support system (a computer link and the object of management) and a person (the management link, which sets input data and evaluates the output).
  • The information technology of expert systems is based on artificial intelligence. Expert systems allow managers to receive expert advice on any problem for which knowledge has been accumulate in these systems.

Stages of Information Technology Development – Information Technologies Write for us

Manual computing

The primary information technology tools at that time were the pen, the book and the inkwell.

The interaction between people was carried out by sending letters, and their main objective was to transmit information to the addressee so that they understood what was meant to be said.

Mechanical Computing

The tools are dictaphones, telephones, typewriters, and email. The objective and methods of communication are the same but more comfortable.

Electrical Computing

The appearance of the first computer hardware and software, electric typewriters, and portable voice recorders characterize this era—the emphasis on information technology shifts from form to content.

Electronic Computing

The computers of the time were increasingly sophisticate, and automated control systems (ACS) and information retrieval systems (IRS) were create. Emphasis is place on creating meaningful information.

Computer Science

The primary tool of this technology is the personal computer (PC) with a set of computer programs to perform tasks of different purposes.

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Information Technology History

Information has always been a precious resource for human beings, but never before have they been able to produce and manage it so quickly and in such large dimensions. Its history begins with writing’s creation in about 3000 BC. C., when the Mesopotamian cultures invent what is thought to the first ancient written record system, helpful in keeping track of herds, raw materials, or other countable assets.

Information Technology Features


The advance of the digital world and wireless technologies allowed the data to rest on supports far from our sight, recoverable quickly, but located in an inaccessible place. Hence the metaphor of “the cloud” refers to the internet: a place full of information that is everywhere, but at the same time, we cannot see or touch it.


Information flows without stopping, being transmit from one geographic location to another in a matter of seconds, but always from one close of a net to the other. To access it, we must connect: have an artifact capable of connection.


The speed of data transmission today is only comparable to the rate of transmission of electrical impulses between the nerves and the brain of animals.


Information is everywhere in the contemporary world and is produce, collected and transmit even without our realizing it.

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Information Technology Application Examples

  • I am writing at any of its levels.
  • The dissemination of advertising content on social networks to thousands of potential users
  • The registration and study of the stock market and financial systems (such as the stock market) through large computers dedicated to the calculation
  • The digital storage of a newspaper’s historical archives or a nation’s archive
  • The recording of the steps taken by a person who exercises through an app on his smartphone
  • Transactions for the purchase and sale of financial assets through online banking portals
  • The storage of thousands of photos on a person’s hard drive

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