14048064812 is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the national covid and health vaccination survey of Children and Teens. Some people are doing many scams or fraud by using 14048064812, this number, and they call you like they are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Immunization Surveys (NIS), with the NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, NIS-Child Influenza Module (NIS-CIM), or NIS-Adult COVID Unit (NIS-ACM)

Who Called You From 14048064812?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call you for a vaccination survey for children. Some users rated this number 14048064812 as a fraud call in the united states

14048064812 caller location is Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, and if you are from the State of Colorado, they call you for a vaccination survey

Why is 14048064812 calling me?

They call you for a vaccination survey for children; the NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, and NIS-Flu are to discover obtainable if suggested vaccinations are assumed to children many in the country. The paramount persistence of the NIS-ACM is to find out if adults are receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

National Immunization Survey’s Calls From the CDC Legit

As per the report, many people did not take a vaccine to take vaccinations intended at saving lives and stopping COVID-19. People started reportage that they had received unwanted phone calls from a basis knowing the situation as the (CDC). Asking for private information for a “national immunization survey.

Have you call at 312-871-4241, 312-871-4242, or 312-871-4243

These numbers are for National Immunization Surveys for vaccination and secure that were contacted at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, NIS-CIM, and NIS-ACM are conduct for CDC by NORC at the College of Chicago

CDC cold-calling about your vaccination status – 14048064812

News5 has acknowledged reports from users that they are receiving calls requesting information on their vaccination status and their children’s vaccination status. News5 inspected the legality of these calls and some protections fraud experts advise you to take if you get one

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If you do not want to delay for a call NORC toll-free at 1-877-220-4805. Someone is usually present to response the phone from 9AM to 9PM in your time region. If thinkable, call from the similar phone line that conventional the call from 312-871-4241, 312-871-4242, or 312-871-4243. This supports us more rapidly direct your call to someone who can help you. If you permission a message, we try to respond to all calls conventional between 9AM and 9PM inside one to two hours.

If you favour using a TTY, call the AT&T Transmit Service at 1-800-855-2880 and appeal that NORC is reached at 1-877-220-4805.”

Who Called You From +14048064711?

The number +14048064711 generally has negative ratings. We have five user reviews with a rating for this phone number. Most likely, it is a landline or mobile phone.

Number Blocking Statistics +14048064711

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