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All NFL Final Scores Complete Week 11 of the 2022 Regular Season scores live

Week 11 of the 2022 NFL Scores time thrust off with a win over the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field.

The Titans (7-3) earned their seventh win in eight games by defeating the Green Bay Packers (4-7) 27-17 in Thursday Night Football. Ryan Tannehill approved for 333 yards and two landings, while Derrick Henry rushed for 87 yards, scored, and had a touchdown for three yards.

The Week 11 schedule continues on Sunday with eight hours starting at 1 pm. ET Games headlines The New England Patriots (6-4) beat the New York Jets (6-4) on Marcus Jones’ 84-yard punt for a touchdown with five seconds left in a 10-3 win. The Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) returned to winning ways by overcoming a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit with Jeff Saturday’s 17-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1)

The Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncos

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The afternoon window saw the Las Vegas Raiders (3-7) beat the Denver Broncos (3-7) 22-16 in overtime on Davante Adams’ 35-yard touchdown. The Dallas Cowboys (7-3) won the Minnesota Vikings (8-2) 40-3 and the Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7) 37-30.

Sunday Night Football witnessed a thrilling final between the two AFC West opponents as the Kansas City Chiefs (8-2) beat the Los Angeles Chargers (5-5) 30-27 at SoFi Stadium. Patrick Mahomes hit Travis Kelce for the game-winning 17-yard touchdown with 31 seconds left in regulation. It was the third TD Kelce received in the game.

The NFC West showdown in Mexico City on Monday Night Football turned out to be one-sided, as the San Francisco 49ers journeyed to a 38-10 success done by the Arizona Cardinals. Jimmy Garoppolo scored four goals, two for Brandon Aiyuk and two for George Kittle.

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  • Tennessee TITANS vs Green Bay PACKERS



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NFL Scores Week 2: Scores, Highlights and More from Exciting Week 2 NFL Action

NFL Scores teams are gearing up, whipping out textbooks and getting to work, cheering millions on an incredible week in football.

Tonight we have a spectacular Monday night. The New York Giants face St. Louis Rams in what should be a great game in an unlikely package.

Both teams were best hit by severe injuries, leaving them exhausted and looking devastated over the following weeks. However, there is still a lot to like about both teams. There is still enough talent on the pitch to satisfy the hungriest football fans.

The Rams come with an attack that threatens to explode. I won it, which was going to be a very close match at MetLife Stadium. Prediction: Rams 27, NY Giants 24


There Are Some Matches of NFL Scores

  • Detroit Lions 48, Kansas City Chiefs 3
  • Buffalo Bills 38, Oakland Raiders 35
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24, Minnesota Vikings 20
  • New Orleans Saints 30, Chicago Bears 13
  • Tennessee Titans 26, Baltimore Ravens13
  • Cleveland Browns 27, Indianapolis Colts 19
  • NY Jets 32, Jacksonville Jaguars 3
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Seattle Seahawks 0
  • Washington Redskins 22, Arizona Cardinals 21

NFL scores: 49ers clip Cardinals’ wings in Mexico

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What is the Highest Score in NFL History?

Today’s fans would assume that the current league version, heavily focused on offence, will be the site of the highest-scoring games in NFL history. But the football lovers were wrong. The highest scoring streak in NFL Scores history came nearly 56 years ago in a wild offensive burst when Washington Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgenson beat the New York Giants. York 72-41. The game set the NFL Scores’ all-time scoring bar at 113 points.