The traditional Marathi bride wedding look is trendy traditional bride look vivaciousness and beauty. However, the brides wear a heavy dress which gives them the traditional look. In addition, the jewelry provides the ethnic and most beautiful look to the brides.

Maharashtrian brides, you will only hear about their accentuating features, beautiful smiles, vibrant grace and how splendidly they deck up in their bridal ensemble. Yes,  Maharashtrian brides are the epitome of vivaciousness and beauty. The quintessential of their bridal attire like Nauvari saree, Nath, mundavalya, half-moon bindi and green glass bangles further elevate their look. Moreover, the bridal dress exhibits resplendence full of vivid colors and rich patterned borders.

Contemporary Maharashtrian Bridal Look

Electric blue saree, stylish hairdo, offbeat jewelry – this Maharashtrian bride inspires all modern-day brides looking to walk the aisle in a trendsetting way. Her chunky nose jewelry and floral accessory on her hair bun are further raising a bar for all Maharashtrian Brides

Modern Maharashtrian Brides in Nauvari Saree Look

This entire look is a new take on Maharashtrian bridal goals. These brides clad in sarees nauvari nine-yard saree. Yes. Here is a glimpse of the Royal, unique nauvari saree look of the Maharashtrian brides. The first bride is also adorning oxidised jewellery rather than traditional pair.

Traditional Maharashtrian Bride Look

The reception look in Maharashtrian Weddings differs slightly from the usual bridal attire. Here this bride is cladded in a purple six-yard rather than red or any other traditional color. It gives a post-wedding function look.

Twinning Marathi Look

Your mother is always close to your heart! So, getting decorated in the same theme or color as her will give you a memory for a lifetime. So, look at this mom-daughter duo for some serious twinning goals.

Marathi Bride in Golden Hues

This bride drapes in a golden look as her saree is similar to the color of Putli haar. The Putli Haar is a piece of Maharashtrian bride jewelry with little coins woven closely together. Each of these coins carves with motifs of Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Sita to signify wealth and fortune.

Maharashtrian Bridal Looks

Maharashtrian bridal looks have been unfailingly bewitching us with their quintessential traditional elements, like any other conventional Sikh, Bengali, Muslim and South Indian bride. Dressed in traditional heirloom nauvari saree with statement Nath, Mundalvaya, green bangles and a crescent-shaped bindi, Maharashtrian brides carry that perfect Marathi classic look with utmost elegance and charm.

Each culture has its sweet ways, from how the wedding takes place to the different rituals. But the beauty lies in every culture’s other unique bridal looks; one such look is the Marathi bridal look! The Maharashtrian bride has a fantastic set of details that every bridal look possesses


When you think of a Marathi bride, the first thing that pops into your head is their saree draping. So with this, their colorful combination of saree and lehenga designs is so aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. Most people associate Marathi’s dressing style with Lavni dancers’ outfits.