Interview CEO Cristiano Amon Nvidiaarmtibkencnet – You can listen to Daniel Newman, President of Futurum Research, and me as we interview Amon in a unique feature for Six Five Summit 2021 here. As Cristiano Amon assumes his new role as CEO, I’d like to share his compelling vision for wireless, connected IoT, and the future of Qualcomm.

Years from now, if we look back at the technologies that have shaped and influenced us the most, we will see the importance of the proliferation and adoption of wireless technologies like 5G.

Qualcomm has been involved in virtually every major 5G launch worldwide, helping to rapidly the technology in more than 35 different countries. Considering how diverse 5G technology is, that’s no small feat. Cristiano Amon, former president and current CEO of Qualcomm, led the entire company and led the development and deployment of 5G with the help of 45 other companies a year ahead of schedule.

Interview Cristiano Amon CEO

Interview Cristiano Amon CEO

In an interview, Cristiano Amon said with 25 years of experience at Qualcomm, he knows the breadth of coverage that Qualcomm has in everyone’s life today. Qualcomm’s business is wireless communications and low-power computing, spanning everyday consumer and business devices, from smartphones and Wi-Fi to cars, computers, smart homes, and fixed 5G terminals and small cells, according to the source on the website

Under the broad umbrella of technology applications, Amon embodies Qualcomm’s deep aspirations to connect everyone and everything at all times. If he could add more absolutes to the above statement, he would. The pandemic-intensified race for digital transformation means there is demand for Qualcomm technology across all industries, placing Qualcomm in the leadership position for many technology innovations.

Interview CEO Cristiano Amon – Understanding the role of Qualcomm in the Wireless Technology Space

Interview CEO Cristiano Amon - Understanding the role of Qualcomm in the Wireless Technology Space

We saw this for ourselves with the launch of 5G. Qualcomm has been the most significant player in end-to-end 5G adoption; He understood that 5G goes beyond the smartphone and penetrates other applications such as IoT, automotive technologies, and mobile computing through the cloud. 5G is not just the next generation of fast Internet, but the solution that connects everything to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

And if there is a future where everything is built in the cloud, everything runs in the cloud, and everything is in the cloud, then someone has to be the one running the cloud. That’s what Amon envisioned Qualcomm would do now. Qualcomm is the beneficiary of the move to the cloud. Qualcomm is the company that connects everything to the cloud and unlocks the full potential of our digital future.

Imagining the Everything – Interview CEO Cristiano Amon

Imagining the Everything - Interview CEO Cristiano Amon

In an interview, he said that It is straightforward to see that the depth of 5G is limited to simply improving the smartphone. The reason is that with the rise and introduction of 4G, we have seen the smartphone reach its final and complete form as a crucial part of our lives. Social networks, streaming services, multiplayer games, etc., have changed how we use and interact with the Internet and each other, and at the Centre were our devices: our smartphones.

Today we have much more than our smartphones. We have IoT, smart cars, smart homes, smart cities, AR/VR, and many other technologies that, in no uncertain terms, will benefit from 5G because 5G goes beyond the smartphone – it’s about constantly connecting everything to the cloud. The incredible twist is that the smartphone will not be a thing of the past or an old technology like a VHS or a floppy disk. Instead, it will change and also evolve as we have seen before.

Interview CEO Cristiano Amon Nvidiaarmtibkencnet

Interview CEO Cristiano Amon Nvidiaarmtibkencnet

Amon points out that Qualcomm never bets against integration, which is why Snapdragon is increasingly about being integrated into an SoC. The same is true of the smartphone if he looks at how every single consumer electronic device became part of what we know as a smartphone. Think camera, calculator, or even flashlight! What else fits in the palm of our hand?

Amon’s smartphone vision includes the complete convergence of smartphones and PCs. The ridiculous speeds of 5G give us access to computing power far beyond what we can lay our hands on by unlocking the cloud’s computing resources. Anytime you need processing power for heavy workloads, you can take it off your smartphone and also do it on your phone.

Sometimes, you may not even know you’re using the cloud to deliver incredible processing power, as applications use it behind the scenes to handle heavy AI workloads. It will also change how we value our laptops because we don’t need the best processor or the one that sucks the least juice. Our laptops and devices will appreciate long battery life, ultra-mobility, and also 5G connectivity. Amon’s Qualcomm envisions the breadth and depth of how 5G will connect anyone to anything, anytime.


Amon has an incredible vision of how everything and also everyone will be constantly connect. I can see the Qualcomm name becoming a household name as Amon and his team tackle IoT, automotive, and also augmented reality platforms.

Qualcomm knows you can’t do it alone and also understands that by working together, we always connect everything to everyone. I look forward to seeing the next era of Qualcomm and also seeing Amon, with his 25 years of experience with the company. Hence, he lead the following impossible implementation of technology.