The lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in a product or service the brand offers through interaction with content and other materials. In addition, being a business opportunity, the lead is a valuable resource in any marketing strategy. However, becoming both a client and a promoter of the company.

How Do You Generate Leads?

Different tools, techniques, and channels make it possible to create a broad and quality database. For example, in the online channel, leads generating from organic search, social networks, direct traffic, or PPC campaigns. One of the main ways is through landing pages, which is used to share content with customers and allow you to collect information about visitors.

The truth is that consumers are constantly researching new products or services. Companies use inbound marketing to take advantage of this, attracting potential customers by creating valuable and relevant content. For people to reach these pages, it is essential to develop strategies that bring more traffic to the website.

Digital attention grabbers, therefore, are the primary way of attracting and capturing leads. For example, rich and detailed content — such as e-books and infographics are made available to customers. It is by filling out a form and providing relevant database generation. In other words, the knowledge of interest to the user exchanges for his contact information.

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What Types Of Leads Are There?

Leads can be classified according to the stage in which they are in the sales funnel. The main types are

Information-Qualified Leads

This type of lead is still starting their research or learning process and, therefore, does not have the necessary information to continue their way through the funnel and finish the conversion process.

When the lead has just met the company and is probably also looking for other options, it is essential to nurture that contact and allow it to develop into a quality lead.

Marketing-Qualified Leads

If your lead nurturing strategy is successful and carried out efficiently, contacts will show more and more interest in your product or service, becoming Marketing qualified leads.

Despite being interested, these leads are not yet ready for purchase. Therefore, they need more attention and dedication from the Marketing or Sales teams. So, they guide in the direction of the last phases of the funnel.

Sales-Qualified Leads

Qualified sales leads show a more substantial and immediate interest in the product or service closer to the purchase. The lead is one step away from becoming a customer at this stage.

These are very interesting and appropriate people for the company who prepare to talk to someone from the commercial. At this time, the active presence of the Marketing team is no longer necessary, and the most important thing is to focus on developing proposals and closing deals by the Sales team.

Cold Leads vs. Hot Leads

Another way to think about the types of leads is from hot and cold.

In this case, cold leads are those from the initial stage of the sales funnel, when the user is still looking for information and does not intend to purchase at the moment. Hot leads, in turn, are sales-qualified contacts who are already close to becoming customers.

How To Qualify A Lead?

Lead qualification is a complex process that involves several steps. Still, it is necessary to segment your strategy better and impact each contact with effective and personalized communication.

There is no one best universal procedure when qualifying your leads, as this depends on factors such as the nature of the product or service, the market context, and the amount of investment available. However, lead nurturing and lead scoring are some of the best-known strategies.


In general, a lead is an individual who is within the reach or influence of the company. So it is because a person who provides their contact information in exchange for something you offer them becomes part of the database on which the company’s Marketing and Sales teams can act.

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