The web developer has become an absolute position in any company since it depends on his work that the computer systems work in the most efficient way possible. A task that deserves to be taken into account, and for this reason, September 13 is the date on which Computer Programmers Day is celebrated

In these times when external communication is a fundamental pillar of the consumer society, celebrations such as ‘The day of’ proliferate. Which have ended up being one of the most used tools at the service of the communication teams of private companies, non-governmental organizations, and even public bodies such as those dedicated to tourism. For this reason, since technology is essential for these types of initiatives to go viral and be successful.


It is not just any celebration within the programming profession, especially in Russia, with its curious origin. He formalized the initiative by Valentín Balt, an employee of the web design company Parallel Technologies, who collected signatures to get weighty arguments when requesting the holiday.

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Using the advantage of the fact that it is your big day, we will dedicate these lines to extolling the figure of the web programmer. It is whose functions are critical to the development of the business network as we understand it today.

Their job is to ensure that computer systems run as efficiently as possible. It includes both hardware and software since the interconnection and linking of telecommunications equipment and systems are among its objectives. Also, the design of programs and applications.

Skills Of A Developer

The high skills that a position such as a programmer requires allow them to carry out all kinds of technical tasks. They can even work closely with systems analysts and application developers as an authoritative voice in advising them.

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They also do the exact many times with hardware equipment manufacturing companies and how they can write and adapt the different operating systems to business needs. On many occasions, their work consists of commercial purposes, so they have to capture it for all the operating systems on the market.


  • Reading and analysis of research reports and user suggestions
  • Creation of programs and applications.
  • Research.
  • Design.
  • Translate to programming language.
  • Define the technical specifications of the new product, including its code.
  • Test and monitor the operation of the different programs and applications.
  • Fix bugs, if any

Essential Skills Of A Web Developer

  • Deep technical knowledge of complex programming languages ​​(HTML, XML and PHP)
  • High understanding of computer systems
  • Programming ability
  • Ability to write reports but also diagrams
  • Possess two essential qualities to develop their testing tasks and improvement of programs such as observation and patience.
  • High capacity for analysis and concentration
  • Good disposition for communication and teamwork but, at the same time, being able to manage with autonomy and initiative
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Self-critical ability to see where and how you can improve your performance
  • Be orderly and organized when dealing with work tasks.


If you are thinking of focusing your professional life on the world of programming, you may be seeing Everest ahead of you. Still, even the highest mountain in the world has been climbed to its summit by human beings.